business solutions

business solutions

We are aiming to develop the website for our business, creating strong leads and producing growth in our sales team and ultimately profits.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My business partner and I are both freelance sales agents looking to create a comprehensive site where all of our expertise come together.

contracts have been signed with  one of the largest business financing companies in the U.K.  We will have access to whole of market lending solutions for small to medium enterprises.

with high street lending becoming increasingly difficult for small or new businesses to call on, we are able to introduce them to a fully regulated alternative stream.

we are currently working to build our field sales team, however this is a service rather than a sale, so this method will only create limited results.  As we are keen to help more and more business reach their goals, we need to invest in the appropriate infrastructure online.  With the right marketing, reaching out to businesses needing our help to realise their potential will be quicker, easier and more profitable  

Projected investment turnaround is estimated at 1 year with continued returns at the same rate paid quarterly for the following 3 years.