Business & Project TimeAttack

Business & Project TimeAttack

HI, my aim is to turn my hobby/small business into my full time work, to finish building my track car, and help others with there projects.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Keith Farren, I am looking to fund raise to help me reach my goal to work full time for my self helping other people with there projects, making items for there race/track cars ect and enter my own car into Time attack and hill climb events.

I started out flocking dashboards to fund building a car to enter my self, I have now moved onto doing more and just bought myself tube bender, dimple dies, press, vinyl cutting machine and constantly looking for more things to offer in the near future, I currently do all this at home with very little space and also work full time, its time to make the move and  push forward, I have never asked for help and normally the first person to help someone else when I can and will carry on doing so in the future, a friend told me about funding on the internet so here I am.

My idea is to offer rewards such as stickers, t shirts, peoples names who help on the car in a funky design all done by myself to keep costs/and lower amouto help fund me.