Business in a bag for those in poverty.

Business in a bag for those in poverty.

Business in a bag will allow those in poverty or in receipt of benefits to own their own business and make their dreams reality.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Business in a bag will allow those in poverty or in receipt of benefits to own their own business and make their dreams reality. By donating to our project you will help us launch the following:

The model is simple and straightforward, each 'bag investor' pays £100 for their business in a bag and they will be able to choose from a selection of business models to invest in. From community cafe's to setting up a village bus service or even a bingo website, private health centre or a peoples mobile phone network- the list of models is endless. 

Imagine if a rural community wanted to set up its own bus service to the nearest town and needed to raise £5000 to buy a mini bus. They could achieve this by clubbing together as a community and buying a business in a bag each at £100. This means 50 individuals would own an equal share in the bus service and have an equal say in how it is run as well as an equal share in the profits.

So whats in the bag?

For their £100 investment the owner will receive a "business in a bag" which contains all of the relevant information about their chosen business and how the model works, a share certificate, a full guide on how to promote their business in their community, social media and through their business network and details of where the national conferences will be held where they can meet their fellow bag investors. 

How many bags will be available and how is it worked out?

Depending on the amount of investment needed to start each project the total amount of bags available will be worked out by calculating how many investments of £100 are required to fund the project for example;

If a Bingo skin website required £15,000 of start up funding we would divide this by £100 (the cost of each bag) This means that 150 bags would be on offer to those wishing to invest.

How about a larger project like a people's mobile phone network? If this required £500,000 of investment this would mean that £5000 bags at £100 each would be on offer to bag investors.

The list of models is endless. One of our biggest plans is to launch a series of nationwide private GP surgeries which are owned by bag investors each paying £100. The surgeries will offer private healthcare to anyone wishing to use the service and it will be heavilly subsidised making the service accessible to all.

Who can buy a bag?

A business in a bag (B.I.A.B) will only be made available to those on income related jobseekers allowance, employment and support allowance or with a personal income of £16,000 or less. Bags will also be made available for young people between the ages of 16-19 yrs old regardless of income in the hope that young people can learn about how business works and make a possible career from their investment from a low investment.

Only one bag may be purchased per investor which keeps things fair and gives  each shareholder an equal opportunity to earn a profit from their investment.

What is the structure of the bag investment opportunity?

Each business model or investment opportunity will be headed up by a director who forms part of the B.I.A.B umbrella body (B.I.A.B.U.C) The umbrella body will own a 25% share of every business that it launches and will appoint a director who will oversee and assist with the launch and development of the bag model that is being launched. The director will assist the bag investors in appointing their own directors who can stand for nomination if they have purchased a bag. The bag investors will vote their own director(s) to represent them as investors and to be the 'voice' of their investment.

Here's an example of how a B.I.A.B. model would operate from the creation of the initial idea;

  • A bingo skin website model requiring an investment of £15,000 is offered to investors through the B.I.A.B parent company investment website (this will be advertised in local communities and through organisations such as jobcentre plus and connexions)
  • 150 bags will be on offer which will provide a 75% share of the project to its investors which when divided will offer each investor an equal share of the 75% equity. 
  • Once the 150 bag target is reached each investor will receive their business in a bag in the post which has all the information they require to play a key role in setting up and launching the investment  (this will be provided by the B.I.A.B umbrella company)
  • Each bag investor will be invited to a national conference headed up by a director from the umbrella company where they will be given training and advice on how to run their investment and also information about how they can stand as a candidate to be a director of the business as voted for by their fellow bag investors.
  • Once the investors have voted for their director(s) the successful candidates will be invited to the B.I.A.B.U.C headquarters to receive full training on working as a company director and what their responsibilities are. 
  • The B.I.A.B.U.C will instigate communications and voting  to its bag investors so that they can play a part in what the fundamentals of the company are, what branding to choose and exact details on how the company will operate.
  • Dividends will be paid out twice a year to bag investors with each investor receiving the same. 
  • Where possible all of the employees recruited to run the company will be chosen from bag investors which helps reduce unemployment or assist those on low incomes as all bag investors are from these categories. If employees are required with specialist experience which is outside of the remit of the bag investment then the bag investors and its director(s) will have a say in who they feel is the best person for the role.

What are the key benefits?

  • young people and UK residents on low incomes or certain benefits are offered an investment in a selection of companies where they all stand an equal chance of making a return on their investment. 
  • Unemployment is reduced by creation of hundreds of startup companies and an unlimited amount of new jobs.
  • The bag investors have an equal say in how the business is run and full support from experts provided by us (the umbrella company)
  • We will actively target rural areas in addition to deprived areas as rural areas are often places where jobs are scarce.

So whats the structure of the umbrella company and who is it run by? (the million dollar question)

Their are two co-founders of the initial business in a bag company (Barrett-Hall LTD) and we are Chris & Steven.

We started the company as after living on the breadline for years we not only wanted to make money from our own business but provide support and opportunity to the millions of like minded people on low incomes who deserve a chance at running their own business without having to find thousands of pounds of unsecured investment. 

We firmly beleive that everyone deserves the opportunity to have their own business and just because they are on benefits, have a poor credit rating or low income that they shouldnt be excluded from taking part in the endless amount of business opportunities that are developed every day.

Whats more we want to take on the greedy companies that dominate the markets and allow everyday people to own and run their own mobile networks, transport services, nursing homes, supermarkets and media companies to name but a few.

Your donation will allow thousands maybe even millions of people to fulfil their dreams and hopefully even come off benefits or increase their low incomes for good so please donate what you can afford and help us make this a reality!!!

Thank you

Chris & Steve

Please note: to avoid confusion we are not offering investment opportunities on crowdfunder we are simply hoping to raise the funds to launch our project in the next few months and are offering non equity rewards in return for your kind donations.