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by Samantha Rose in Totnes, England, United Kingdom


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Help make my dream come true by attending the School of Storytelling for their flagship course!

by Samantha Rose in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

Hello hello hello :)

My name is Samantha and I am a young Australian deeply passionate about the craft of storytelling. 

My mother is an incredible storyteller and so was my great grandmother. This gift activated within me 6 years ago when I guided a storytelling adventure in the Australian bush.

Ever since that moment I have pursued it wholeheartedly, performing around every fire and on every stage I could find around Australia. I have longed to learn and train in this field, being coached by professionals and dive deep into the craft of the storyteller. I dreamed that one day I might study at The School of Storytelling at Emerson College in the United Kingdom. 

Well, exciting news! I have been accepted into their flagship course. 

However, I am needing your support to make this dream a reality. 

I'm ready to take myself and my storytelling to the next level! Which is why I am writing this to you, even though it feels scary putting myself out there. I'm calling in as much financial support as I possibly can to make this dream come true. 

I would be absolutely delighted if you could help me! 

My intention by studying is to refine my skills in the craft, develop a collection of stories to inspire a new dream for our world full of hope, love and connection to who we truly are, to each other and to our beloved earth. I will be weaving story, ritual and ceremony together to support people with their transformation and healing. 

 I have quite a few offerings that I am thrilled to share with you in exchange for your support. I have been working really hard to refine them, infusing so much love and intention into each of them for you. This feels like a launching pad to really show up fully for my service in the world.

Offerings include: 

⁃            £10- Audio copy of ‘Allies to the Awakening’ - a collection of original short stories full of guides offering their wisdom, love and support to you during this time. 

⁃            £25- Join the online Storytelling New Moon Ceremony – A powerful combination of ritual, storytelling and creativity to support your growth and transformation. New Moon’s are a powerful time for planting seeds and acknowledging new beginnings. 

⁃            £50 - 1:1 - 1 hour - New Year Intention Setting Ceremony- Get clear on how you want to feel and what you want to call into your life this year. (Only 20 available)

⁃            £100- Personalised medicine story written for you or your loved one, tailored to meet your needs. (Only 10 available)

⁃            £500- 1 month story mentorship – Rites of passage experience: learn to craft and tell your personal story, enact a tailor made ritual for you to support your life transition, allow your story to be heard and witnessed, envision the life you wish to live, step fully onto your path. Reach out to me for more details. I would love to talk with you if you feel the call to this powerful and transformative process! (Only 5 available)

I believe now more than ever we need to follow our heart and action our dreams. This is what the world needs from us all. In the face of everything happening around the world, this is what inspires me the most.

Your support means so much! 

Thank-you for your love and belief in me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, with my whole heart.


Much love to you


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