Business and Foodbank support around the UK

by Clive Nesbitt in Hebburn, England, United Kingdom

Business and Foodbank support around the UK
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Nezmastergames project is to attract more people around the UK to register with us and to help our local foodbanks make more funds.

by Clive Nesbitt in Hebburn, England, United Kingdom


Hi my name is Clive Nesbitt and I am the CEO of a new Live Online Auction and Exchange website called Nezmastergames, our project is to attract potential businesses and customers to our website from around the UK, we are also partners of our local foodbank Hebburn Helps and Crises Response Team together we aim to help those in need.

Unlike other Auction websites we have no fees and hidden charges but we do though have what we call Nezmastergames Credits (NGC) which are used for listing items and products on our website for as little as £1.00 for 10 NGC's which is an equivalent of £0.10p per 1 NGC, we also offer rewards for 100% feedback's on buyers, sellers and those who exchange through our website, rewards consists of NGC's and those spare NGC's can also be withdrawn to give you extra cash and/or make purchases.

Here is a few examples of customers who have sold items on our website,



As you can see our website has massive potential with us being a young business, with us much like ebay and others like us you can almost sell anything on our website and we also allow 10,000 items and products uploads per year for businesses, customers and foodbanks.


Nezmastergames aim is to help, contact and inform foodbanks around the UK to join us and support us, charities around the globe have took advantage of other Online Auctions website and statistics shows they have made millions per year but our foodbanks are left with scraps and are not supported enough, men, woman and children around the UK are living in Poverty and it is destroying our nation and family's, we aim through Nezmastergames to offer foodbanks around the UK a permanent free account once registered which allows them unlimited listings and free listings for life, with their free accounts foodbanks can potentially make more funds for their needs through our website by selling donated clothing, toys and books and be able to offer postage and different payment methods on our website, not every family can afford high end toys and clothing but with help with many foodbanks around the UK family's can once again put a smile on children faces, give them warmth and feed them.

Rewards for donations.

With us being an Online Live Auction and Exchange website I can only offer free accounts range from 1 year to life of unlimited selling through Nezmastergames.

Donations uses?

The donations we will receive will be used for advertising purpose, as we all know advertising online can be very expensive whether it's email marketing, social media marketing, SEO's, we need to reach out around the UK, above our target will be used on foodbanks for extra food shopping, funds for facilities, vehicles, broadband and other planned projects within foodbanks.

Help us to help them to help everyone x

Feel free to check our website at:


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

365 days of unlimited selling and free of NGC charges

£20 or more

£20 Reward

730 days of unlimited selling and free of NGC charges

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Unlimited selling and free of NGC charges for life

Let's make 'Business and Foodbank support around the UK' happen