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Bushey Community Hub Website

by Steve Francis in Bushey, England, United Kingdom

Bushey Community Hub Website


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To establish a website for any Bushey community orientated group to share information and resources with the aim of promoting ‘community.'

by Steve Francis in Bushey, England, United Kingdom

Who are we and what we see happening around us? 

This is a joint proposal by the Bushey Festival and the Bushey Forum on behalf of any interested charity, faith, sports, Arts .... in fact, any community orientated group in the area. As well-established bodies representing local people in our own way, we recognise that life is becoming increasingly more polarised - you're in or out, liked or disliked, for or against and concepts of 'community', particularly among young people, can be very different. 

The answer is not to rely on Government and local councils to renew a sense of community cohesion, to revive our high streets and encourage community engagement. It has to come from communities themselves, from ground level upwards. 

What do we propose to do? 

We believe that connecting as many people through a community website and the subsequent re-messaging through social media, will empower and encourage activism at a local level. Everyone wants to live in a safe, secure and vibrant environment. Young people and families need to feel they belong, regardless of who they are. It will not be representative or promote any particular viewpoint but be reflective of the multicultural and tolerant society we believe in.  

This initiative, along with grants and donations, will be used to create a website whereby any interested group will be able to have control over their own respective pages, share a calendar and 'what's on' page, share resources and generally support each other, thereby showcasing and promoting Bushey as a great place to live and work. 

What will be its impact?

The aim is that it is not only to establish an online information centre available to the majority of people but the first place that anyone new to the area will go to to find out what's available. Connecting large numbers of people could go a long way in generating social cohesiveness and making the environment sustainable. 

There appear to be few similar examples around the country and it would be great to think that this could even motivate others to follow. 


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