Bus Capacity App

Bus Capacity App

To provide accurate bus capacities on buses around the UK and other countries.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

How many times have you got on a bus and it's completely full?

I came up with this app idea a few weeks ago and I have been in direct talks with the company that created the app in Singapore, SG Busleh. They believe this app can work in Europe and the US.

They are willing to work with me if I can also fund the app(which I can't) which is why I ask for your help.

the current Signapore app SG Busleh is shown in a photo on the page.


I'm a 23 year old, who works full time in a Trampoline Park.

I don't drive so I get the bus to work everyday. I always find myself getting on a packed full bus, after a long day's work, sometimes having to stand the whole journey or sometimes not even being let on.

I believe this app will be extremely helpful, for example, you're not in a rush, so you can check the capacity of a bus (if full) wait for the next one which isn't full, as well as it being helpful to many. It will also show number of disabled seats.

The way this will work is the buses will have a counter/timer on board which will count every time a ticket is bought/scanned. We already have several bus companies around Europe interested in this.

The Plan will be to have the app launched in Europe first, and if successful, launch to North America.

The app is in concept/early stages.