Support The Bury Green Party Election Fund

by Bury Green Party in Bury, England, United Kingdom

Support The Bury Green Party Election Fund


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We are preparing to stand candidates in the next General Election and May 2020 Local Elections. Will you help us?

by Bury Green Party in Bury, England, United Kingdom

Who Are We?

People are turning to the Green Party like never before. We’re providing a real alternative to the dominance of pro-austerity politics and the chaos and shambles of Brexit and we continue to fight for greater economic, social and political justice in our country. The climate emergency is of high priority, and with your help, the Green Party can campaign for a fairer and more sustainable future.

The Greens are on the verge of success in Bury, with an unprecedented number of Bury voters choosing Green in the 2019 local elections. Our local membership is continuing to rise because people in Bury are looking for an alternative political party. With your help, we can make our positive message reach more people.

Why We Need Your Help

We would like to elect councillors and are also pushing to elect the first Green MP here in Bury. We are working really hard to get our message to the people of Bury, showing them our alternative vision for our long term sustainable future. But we need your help.

As you will be aware, it is likely that a General Election will be called very soon.  In preparation for this, Bury Green Party elected two candidates for the constituencies in Bury – Charlie Allen for Bury North and Glyn Heath for Bury South. 

How Your Donation Will Be Used

In order to stand these two candidates in the General Election, we are required to pay a deposit of £500 per candidate.  In addition to this, we also need a minimum of £500 per candidate for the printing costs of our election leaflets.  

In essence, we are looking to raise £2,000 to enable Bury Green Party to stand two candidates in the General Election, and to reach out to voters in the May 2020 local elections.  Without this money, there will be no Green Party candidates in Bury.  This would be very disappointing for our members, supporters and those who wish to vote for the Green Party at both a national and local level.

Bury Green Party does not receive money from big financial backers; we rely on individuals to make small donations. We work very hard to make the most of our funds, and whatever you can give will make a difference. We are aiming to raise £2,000 to fund our most high-profile campaigns ever.

Please donate whatever you can afford towards our target of £2,000. Your money will really help our campaign to elect Green councillors, a Green MP, and reach out to more people than ever before.

Important note: 

If you are donating over £500 you must be on the electoral register and be willing to provide your contact details to us, please do get in contact before you do

Other Ways You Can Help

If you feel you are not able to contribute financially, you can become involved by volunteering to help us deliver leaflets and newsletters

Many thanks for your help.

Do contact us via:


Twitter: (@BuryGreenParty)


NOTE: If you're unable to make a donation via Crowdfunder or do not wish to use PayPal you also have the option to send a cheque (made payable to 'Bury Green Party') to:

Charlie Allen - BGP Coordinator

37 Birks Drive, Bury, BL8 1JA

Thank you for your support.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A big thank you from Bury Green Party and a shout out on Facebook and Twitter. (Unless you wish to remain anonymous)

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A personalised 'Thank you!' video from the candidate(s) plus a shout out on Facebook and Twitter.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

All of the above plus a coffee morning with our Bury candidates, allowing us to say thank you in person for your generous contribution.

Let's make 'Support The Bury Green Party Election Fund' happen

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