Burnt Roti Issue 3

by Sharan Dhaliwal in London, England, United Kingdom

Burnt Roti Issue 3


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Burnt Roti Issue #3 is the next print magazine offered to our global fans, looking at the theme of anti-blackness in South Asian communities

by Sharan Dhaliwal in London, England, United Kingdom

Burnt Roti Issue #3 aims to continue the discussion about anti-blackness entrenched in South Asian history, which allows us to be complacent, micro-aggressive and racist. When we  look at ourselves and work towards unlearning the values passed down to us by generations who haven’t been allowed the opportunity to unlearn themselves, we can begin moving forward.

The cover will star 5 mixed ethnicity (South Asian and Black) creatives, who will pen an essay on their experience of anti-blackness within the community and their families. 

There will be essays in the magazine written by Black women, about their experience of South Asian racism and how it has effected them.

At a time where photoshoots and meetings can't be held in person, this is the first magazine we create that will have every contribution sent to us digitally. Every photoshoot, illustration, mixed media piece, essay and interview will be done digitally.

The conversation needs to continue and we don't want this pandemic to stop it.

Our funding goal covers paying every contributor, designer, editor and illustrator for their work. We want to be able to give money to those who exert the time and energy to speak about these topics.

Any contribution is helpful and will help us reach the goal of creating something important.

For full transparency, here is our costings (photoshoots will be self shot):


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