Free Bump to Babywearing Workshop for all

by Bump to Babywearing in Cleethorpes, England, United Kingdom


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We aim to provide a comprehensive 1 hour workshop for every expectant parent in Lincolnshire plus give them 3 months free stretch sling hire

by Bump to Babywearing in Cleethorpes, England, United Kingdom

The Mumaroo volunteer team are a dedicated team of 20 ladies who have been running a drop in free sling advice and hire service across Lincolnshire for the past five years. We noticed we had lots of parents with babies around the age of 4 - 6 months and they'd all say the same thing to us "Where were you guys in those early days?! I wish I had known about you - it would have  been a lifesaver!"

So 3 years ago we designed the Bump to Babywearing workshop. Designed to be hosted to parents BEFORE their babies arrive to give them the confidence and knowledge to use their slings from day one. We also included a stretchy wrap for the first three months for free hire to get parents started!
The workshop covers:
1. one booklet to keep containing all information during the session
2. one plain coloured stretchy wrap
3. Benefits to babywearing
4. Safety
5.Comfort for parent and baby
6. Bump Wrapping for support in the later stages of pregnancy
7. How to - demonstrations and the chance to havea  practical go with our demonstration dollies
8. Ongoing support once your baby arrives.

 The workshop was incredibly popular and as you can see by the reviews in our short video parents cant recommend it highly enough! The problem though was that we had to charge for the workshop - The costs of the wraps, washing of them, work booklets, room hire, insurance. It just wasn't possible to provide for free.
But the more and more people who come to us and tell us how much the workshop and sling helped them with post natal depression, anxiety, attachment and bonding, breastfeeding, father and other carer bonding and many more benefits the more we felt that actually the workshop is not  luxury its an essential class that everyone should have access to! So we've set ourselves a huge challenge! We want to raise enough funds to ensure that the workshop can indeed be delivered free of charge for ALL parents in Lincolnshire!

However; this means we need our team of volunteers trained to a much higher level; which in itself will cost us £4000. We also  need ALOT more slings! and workbooklets too! So over the next few months we have volunteers dedicated to applying for grants and funding to make this possible but if YOU can help in any way possible we would very much appreciate any support we can,


Let's make 'Free Bump to Babywearing Workshop for all' happen