Bullion Art Gallery

Bullion Art Gallery

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Bullion art gallery is a new business that offers elegant and unique sculptures from world renowned artists, limited or unique edition made 100% from precious metals. Precious metals are an investment and we add the value of a work of art. Art sculptures are usually made from inferior materials such as stone, wood, bronze or plasticmaterial. The first conventional art is subordinate. it is only the subjective and intrinsic value of work. however, the peculiarity of sculpture Bullion Art Gallery is their factory in gold, silver, platinium, palladium pure. You do not only buy beautiful works of art and precious metals allows investors and art lovers to combine the pleasure of art and attractive and safe investment.

The business is currently situated at 86-90 Paul Street, London. 

Investors view art and precious metals as a stable and growing asset class. During the financial crisis,High net worth individuals turned to tangible assets in the face of market crashes. In light of art's and precious metals longevity in terms of value maintenance and appreciation, these individuals increased their invesments in art to 25% of total investments of passion. Changes in the distribution of wealth around the world are also contributing to the growth of the art market, as high net worth wealth is growing much faster than general wealth. Most important, the markets for Post war and contemporary Art are growing at a remarkable rate, breaking all time records for both individual works and market sales overall.