Building wooden summer hauses and garden sheds

by Sebastian Losik in Bathgate, Scotland, United Kingdom

Building wooden summer hauses and garden sheds


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COVID-19 has big impact on my family as tattoo shop I been working is closed down. I decided to open joinery bussines as better opportunity

by Sebastian Losik in Bathgate, Scotland, United Kingdom

I use to work as a former tattooist in Affliction Tattoo in Bathgate for over 6 years as self employed . Since 23.03.2020 shop been closed due to covid-19. Couple weeks ago I got message that owner is giving up shop and not willing to open back again.  After looking for different place to work as a tattooist and trying get found from government without any success I decided to get back to my roots and start joinery bussines to provide for my family. At first I  thought to open tattoo shop but with new restriction in place and not knowing when I can start I give it up as I need something that will pay bills and make me and my loved ones happy. During the lock down I sold our only car and invest all money in tools and materials to get started with new opportunity. Because of pandemìc I am still waiting for some stock to be delivered and didn't make much money yet... I really wish that I have money to order enough materials to keep me going for some time without stress. I am currently on Universal credit with £409 per month and no chance for making money as a Tattooist. I have few orders for summer garden houses, some garden sheds and some garden furniture but is frustrating that I can order only such amount materials because of money shortage and waiting time for deluvery is over a week. I never thought about crowdfunder before and actually never heard about it since today when i saw it on tv. This will be a very much appreciated if people can help me to get back on track and I can start working again. 


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