Children's Fantasy Village - Phase 1: Build a Team

by Paul O'Neill in Calne, England, United Kingdom

Children's Fantasy Village - Phase 1: Build a Team


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Create a 'play village' and woodland wonderland for children to experience the wonders of imaginative play in nature. Phase 1: Build Team

by Paul O'Neill in Calne, England, United Kingdom

The Idea:

  • Buy (or rent) land
  • Involve children, families and the local Council
  • Build a fantasy village
  • Play

This village and woodland are a blank canvas for children's imaginations. They can use them to create their great stories and adventures! All whilst exploring and socialising in Nature.

The idea is simple: get folks back to nature; get kids connecting with the natural world and each other through imaginative play.

Nature is therapeautic. Play is therapeautic. What could be better?

We Need You!

We will go no further without your support. If you think this project sounds intriguing then let us know. A message or a £1 vote is more than enough. With enough support we will initiate Phase 2 of the Project (including "Finding a Site").

The Team

We are building the team. We need awesome heroes to carry this idea to the masses and then to set about making it a reality. Some of the roles we will need to fill:

  • The Champion (Social Media/Fund Raising)
  • The Scholar (Admin/Finance/planning/legal)
  • The Mage (Web Design/Art)
  • The Bard (Songwriter/Video Maker)
  • The Healer (Biodiversity/Trees)
  • The Artisan (Builder/Crafter)
  • The Teacher (Childcare/Play Guide)

If you would like to get involved then get in touch. If you fund £1 then you can brag about it on social media AND we will be supremely grateful to know that you are commited to the cause!

...please note that because of the price of land in UK the site is likely to be located somewhere in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire/N.Somerset.

My Story

My story is long, so I'll keep it very simple. I am a man with an idea. I have some startup capital to invest. I would like to invest it in such a way that it creates fun and meaningful jobs. I would like to invest it in such a way that it provides a great asset for the community. I would like this asset to give back to nature; to give back to the community; to bring joy to children and families; to give hope.

I have skills:

  • Health Scientist (I know what makes us healthy - clinical research - yawn!)
  • Project Manager (PRINCE2/gantt chart/business planning/finance/systems)
  • Personal Trainer
  • Crafter (costuming)
  • Carpenter (building)
  • Web design
  • Empathetic

Let's make 'Children's Fantasy Village - Phase 1: Build a Team' happen

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