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Helping young people thrive in life

by Bounce Forward in Ware, England, United Kingdom


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This funding will support the development of a programme that will impact young people not in education, employment or training.

by Bounce Forward in Ware, England, United Kingdom


Thrive in life. Start with resilience. 

 Young people need resilience and particularly emotional resilience more now than perhaps, ever before. Increasingly we worry about the mental health of young people and with a heavily weighted focus on exams, many talented young people get left behind - not in employment, education or training. Work places of the future need young people equipped with the skills, self-confidence and agility to recognise failure as a learning opportunity, be equipped to think flexibly and realistically, to be self-aware and compassionate and competent in their human connections. This matters to them as individuals and to society as a whole. Bounce Forward is a charity dedicated to resilience as the key to personal development. This grant will help us reach more young people not in education, employment or training.  


Resilience is the key to personal development. Evidence proves that resilience increases our ability to overcome setbacks, make the most of opportunities, and bounce forward in life. 

  • Teaching emotional resilience and wellbeing is now a statutory requirement for UK schools, but we also need to support young people who are not in education, employment or training.
  • Focus on resilience in the context of thriving and being able to be the best we can in the small everyday moments. 
  • The personal development of young people is as important in society, as academics.
  • It's a better use of resources and time to build resilience in a lasting and sustainable way for both adults and students.
  • Developing a deep understanding of the psychology and science of resilience is possible and useful throughout life. 

Bounce Forward training and lessons mean young people (and the adults around them):

  • Deal better with life pressures to bounce forward - thrive not just survive.
  • Have compassion, hope and empathy for self and others. 
  • Are able to think flexibly and realistically to adapt and respond to the world around them. 


Let's make 'Helping young people thrive in life' happen

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