Building my mindful marketing consultancy business

by Cecile Dhour in London, England, United Kingdom


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I work with purpose-led organisations to help them find their voice online so they can scale their impact with mindful marketing.

by Cecile Dhour in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Help me dream big and be more flexible. My dream? To have so many clients that I would need to externalise or hire a team. But it is hard to commit when you are just getting started. The extra £1,100 will allow me to say yes to bigger projects and to invest in tools and people more easily. Let's make the world a better place together!

I once read that in order to give a better meaning to our lives, we need to find a way to use our passion and our talents to better serve the world. 

Like many of us, I often questioned the real meaning of my life - personally and professionally. Who didn't? 

And I am part of the lucky ones: I have a profession which I love. I do a job which combines strategic thinking, creativity, analytics, technology and project management. I do digital marketing.

But after four years of doing this job for the same organisation, I had the feeling that it was not enough. I felt that I can do more; that I can impact more people.

I felt that my life shouldn't be to only do Digital Marketing. I wanted to use all my knowledge and experience in this field for the service of those who want to do good. And I want to help as many of them as possible.

That's why I have decided to leave my full-time job to become Mindful Marketing Consultant. 

I am starting my consultancy business, helping the cause-driven and the change-makers to increase their positive impact on the world and to find their voice online through storytelling and content marketing.

Today, I am raising funds to help me get started!

Even if you can do digital marketing with almost nothing (a laptop and an internet connection), as a business owner looking to provide high-quality services, I need to invest in a few software.

Your contribution today will help me buy what is necessary for me to

✔️ Manage my clients, admin and accounting

✔️ Leave my living-room and work from a co-working space

✔️ Sustain my website

✔️ Invest in analytics, marketing and design software to help me deliver my services successfully and fruitfully

✔️ Surround me with other talented and skilled people

I believe that there is a market for every business as long as they are run with passion, ambition and purpose. 

When we look around us and listen to the media, we might be tempted to believe that our world is dangerous; that people are self-centred and that we shouldn't trust one another.

I believe that this is not true. 

London showed me that there are, in this city and in this world, so many people who care and who want to contribute.

I have heard about lots of businesses, projects and people whose purpose is to make a positive change. Whether they are charities, social entrepreneurs or tech-for-good start-ups.

I want to work with these people.

Being online is usually a great way to promote one's project or business. I know how hard it can be, though, to find your voice in such a crowded place that is the internet.

This is why I have decided to combine my passion (digital marketing) and my desire to contribute to the world by helping others to scale their impact using mindful marketing.

This is an exciting and scary move.

The trust, the appreciation and the support of my friends, family, previous colleagues and professional network empowered me to take actions.

No business is made alone and I need extra support today to build a sustainable business for myself and for my clients.

Thank you so much for your support and your donation today.



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