Building Brick Brewery’s Social Beer Hub!

To expand the Brick Brewery Taproom through much needed renovations and build a social beer hub for our customers and the community to enjoy

We did it!

On 18th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £6,970 with 115 supporters in 28 days

Brick Brewery

We build beer. Fact. Brick Brewery is a local microbrewery, brewing beer out of a railway arch under Peckham Rye station since 2013.  The name Brick Brewery represents the bricks of the railway arch in which the brewery is located and also signifies the building block for the business – the small brewery will grow brick by brick, built on a solid foundation. 


Now, nearly 4 years later we have recently expanded our brewing capacity to an additional production site over in Deptford. A bigger production site means a bigger team of amazing people passionate about the industry and, of course, more beer! It also means, as we have moved the majority of our tanks out of our Peckham site, we now have ample amounts of floor space indoors. This recent transition has provided us with the perfect opportunity to carry out this project.



The aim of this project is to expand our taproom through much needed renovations and become even more of a social beer hub and destination by creating a cosier and more hospitable environment for the community.

The Project: Social Beer Hub

Footfall and increase of demand (for our beer and craft beer in general) has dictated our direction as a brewery and taproom. Thanks to the support of the local community who have supported us since day 1, we are fortunate to  have expanded 4 times as a brewery and 3 times as a taproom. This project will be our 4th time expanding as a taproom to make it more accessible and enjoyable. We are a social hub pinned by great beer, great atmosphere, great food and need the environment to match that. 

We are so proud that our taproom is already a great place to drink great beer, but we want to build on this solid foundation and through much needed renovations and internal expansion provide a social beer hub for our customers and community to enable you to enjoy more beer in a more enjoyable space. We have set various specific objectives in order to achieve this vision:

Objective 1: 

Expand and renovate the taproom; creating a cosier and more hospitable environment with indoor seating, improved cold room, retractable awning, bringing the bar inside and expanding our number of taps to more than 20. This will make us the only venue in Peckham to offer so much choice of craft beer for locals and beer lovers alike! More taps give us the opportunity to offer beers from our favourite breweries, plus other drinks, to customers, as well as a permanent line-up of Brick Brewery beers.

Objective 2: 

Improve our toilets (no more handmade urinals!), increase the number of toilets and make our facilities more accessible for all our customers to use.

Objective 3:

Create a space for experimental brewing in the heart of the Tap Room. We want to continue to produce small and more unusual beers on our original brewing kit, which is staying where it is, and provide opportunities to join us for a brew!

Objective 4:

Create a dedicated food area so you can be fed as you are being watered!

Objective 5:

Opportunity to provide exhibition space to support local artists and creatives. We strive to work with local creatives from Peckham and South-East London whenever possible, we want to take this even further and create a space that will support local artists in being able to exhibit their work and for our customers to enjoy.

The New Taproom

We have lots of exciting plans for the new taproom, building upon the intimate and laid back atmosphere we have created over the years. 

The Proposed Layout:


This crowdfunder will help make this vision a reality and will make the taproom the "all-season" and community-led bar we have always imagined it would become. Every donation, small or large, will make a huge difference to us and our plans. We really couldn't do this without our supportive customers, community and you!

Our Favourite Rewards

We have a wide range of exclusive and exciting rewards available in exchange for your generous pledges and to show you how much we appreciate your support, but these are a few of our favourites!







When will we receive our reward/s?

We aim to make your rewards available for either collection from the brewery, taproom or arrange postage delivery if necessary during the first 2 weeks of January 2018. Once the post-Christmas gloom has set in in January, be smug in the knowledge you have an exciting reward on its way to you!

When will the renovations to the Taproom take place?

We will be closing the taproom to carry out our renovations throughout January 2018 for approximately 4-5 weeks, with the aim of opening early February. We hope you don't miss us too much but we will be back open as soon as possible and can't wait for you to see the improvements! 

Any other questions about our campaign please don't hesitate to email and we will promptly respond.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project and for your extremely generous pledges.

Brick Brewery Team x

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