Building a studio and expanding my business

by Thomas attwood in Rochester, England, United Kingdom

Building a studio and expanding my business
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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  millions of British small businesses, we are here to help.

by Thomas attwood in Rochester, England, United Kingdom

 solid logic studios Business Plan

Executive summary

Businesses offer to record, mixing, mastering Audio transfers and restoration.

We are offering both digital and analogue recording subject to the level of demand for the service.


Plans for the future.

Once more established

will be the opportunity to expand the range of services on offer. Including motion picture post-production as well as having a studio dedicated to working in from 5.1 to Dolby Atmos.

Also if the demand is high enough, there is a possibility of offering vinyl mastering service (dependent on level of demand).

The studio

The studio layout will include traps in the floor covered for the most part with doors but when required can be opened to reveal sections boxes with different types of level whether it be concrete stone cobbles and sand for recording foley footsteps there will be one with a drain for water effects.

Inventive concept

Research is underway into the idea of having a room that can change the size of and the ability the be either three separate rooms for isolation or one large room giving the flexibility to record bands to full orchestras in one space.

Also in the planning stages of having the studio located in such a way that it could be easily used as a filming location in witch case the rehearsal room can double up as a film editing room therefore any scenes filmed at the studio can be eddied at the same time witch means the film crew live with scenes of in some cases a full film compleated to witch could include the sound track done at the same time.

 Business Goals

I am running as a private limited company.

There will also be an audio transfer and restoration service from analogue to digital.

Restoring tapes with sticky tape syndrome to be transferred to digital.

As noted within the film industry when they try and do things like re-releases of films as well as soundtracks there is sometimes the problem of what the original recording.

This most significant problem is that tape stock from the 70’s to the ’90s were starting to suffer from a thing referred to as “sticky tape syndrome” that is a gunge build up from the on the tape from the glue used to stick the iron oxide to the tape as it degrades witch needs to be heat treated to stop.

 Competitor analysis

    Competitor 1:

 Name, location, website:

Average prices:

RAFFER Studios Roughetts Road Ryarsh

West Malling Kent

ME19 5LD

• •

recording and mixing rates £25 per hour or £200 per day

online mixing £100 per track

rehearsal rates £10



• •

good location quatilty of equipment

• •

Small live room

could workout expensive in terms of online mixing at £100 per track

No transfer service offered

  Competitor 2:

 Name, location, website:

Average prices:

Sunlight Studios 105 Richmond Road Gillingham



• •

perice by quote for recording and mixing £10 to £12 per hour for rehearsal



• •

good location wide body of work

• •

Not that clear on pricing no transfer service offered


 Risk Assessments

As part of the planning process for such a high-risk opportunity, the key points listed below and how to prevent them will give a solid base on which to operate and provides greater reassurance to the client

Equipment failure: Do regular checks, safety precautions and have contacts to maintenance. Keep a regular maintenance log. Surge protectors on mains. Spare channel strips for the console.

Theft: Alarms and CCTV, security marking equipment. Keep a locked safe.

Door access system.

Change locks and keys with a change of staff.

For certain parts of the business premises, there will be access restrictions to the central managers as this is where the files and recordings will with a value that would be hard to define and have devastating consequences to the business.

Non-Payments: Contacts to a lawyer. Deposits required as in terms and conditions. They are blacklisted if necessary. Contracts signed before work.

Fire Hazard: Do all necessary fire prevention procedures and regularly check if all equipment (Fire alarms, electrically connects) are operational.

All equipment has been pat testing at least once a year as required.

Building Failure: If renting, contacting landlords to fix the issue ASAP.

Then when the business moves to a more permanent having maintenance contracts so that any problems can be quickly resolved to reduce the impact on income and loss of time.

Data Loss: Constant file backup. We are replacing hard drives often.

 Profit Loss: Revisiting business plan, adjusting prices. Change of location if necessary. Overextension as well with the loss of overall control of quality.

Leaks: Signing non-disclosure agreements.

With the recent cases of hacking and illegal copying of both music that in a small number of instances where down to leaks from studios therefor all employees will be required to sign an NDA also means that the privacy of our clients is our utmost priority

List of Tasks and Roles

Tom Attwood

Management Structure

1 director / manager

With the option of having some of the investors on the board of directors.

Employee Structure

One employee working as a studio assistant and to help bookings and communications and the employment of more staff in year two onwards administration plus the option of hiring another engineer.

Target Market & Customer Analysis

The target market is not that age and gender-specific.

Aimed at bands and artists as well as independent record labels from various backgrounds and demographics with plans to include visual industries such and film and video witch all gives us a wide range of workflow with the added advantage of a face to face contact giving more of a personal touch.

 SWOT & PEST Analysis

PEST Analysis

The situation analysed: a recording studio and post production service.

Detailed Company Description

Recording and post-production studio.

We are offering to record, mixing and mastering service. Transfer and restoration service are transferring audio from analogue tape to pro tools tape ranging from 2 track 1⁄4 inch tape to 2 inches 24 track tapes also including tape backing to deal with sticky tape syndrome.

Plans to increase the client base using the service we offer expanded into production and post-production for full range sonic and visual industries.

Sound design, foley as well as ADR (automated dialogue replacement).

Post-production in 5.1 and atmos surround setups.

Detailed Description of Products and Services

Sound recording is ranging from spoken word recording to full band recording as well as sound design.

I am mixing for bands and other music artists.

Mastering music ready for distribution taking into account the level requirements of the platforms

 Management Plan 1 director / manager

Personnel Plan (job descriptions)

Administration office duties making bookings collecting payments from clients paying wages to all staff

Then from year two onwards as the business expands, new job roles will become available that are as follow

Producers hired an ad hoc basis as required by the client

After year two some jobs rolls will change as nick will change from admin

Bookkeeper and accounts

Financial Assumptions Equipment purchasing Maintenance and depreciation Wages

Insurance equipment building contents public liability License payments for software

Startup costs and legal fees

Advertising and marketing costs

Professional bodies membership costs

Administration costs ( bookkeeping and accounting)

Corporation tax

Registering for vat

Sources of investment

The requirement is for an investment of £200,000.

£45000 for the director both in financial and asset based investment then another £155,000 from a mix of loans and grants as well as private investment.

There will be a continued investment into the business via profits and enable the company to expand the range of equipment and services offered and moving to larger premises thus increasing the revenue revived that will lead to more employment.


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