Building a dream food business

by Nicola Kami in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Building a dream food business


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I would love to bring this dream into a reality!

by Nicola Kami in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

This is a long one so bare with me! Last year I was made redundant because of the dreaded corona. Ive spent the most amazing time with my kids and I'm lucky to have experienced it because without all this, life just doesn't play out like that.
I now need to return to work and while I'm happy to go back to a 9-5 in finance if need be, I think its time to try and live the dream. Obviously with being made redundant, any plans I've had for this have gone out of the window. I was planning the funding and building venture before corona even reared its ugly head but, 2020, its just not been possible. Ive pledged to numerous good causes this year and helped as many small business' as I could and now its time to ask a favour of you all.
I'm offering a free meal for every £20 pledge direct from my business (when we are up and running) so its just like paying in advance for your tea. Even the smallest of donations would be massively appreciated.
This business (when we ever get up and running) will bring delicious, authentic and affordable food into our communities.
A little bit of luxury for the ones who can't afford fancy restaurants, right to their doors. Imagine a latin party, right there in your street! Bring on the tequilla! #tacotuesday!
My plans are with the council having final details sorted so I cant give everything away but I promise it will be an experience like no other that we have in liverpool.

If you have read this far, much love to you all. I know times are tough for everyone at the minute but I will pay it forward one day of when can ❤❤

Please share share share! I know how amazing the people of Liverpool are! 

Ps, the name for the business is Me das tacos, which in mexican means "give me tacos" but in scouse............. ????


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As a thankyou for helping me I would like to offer you a free meal once we are up and running

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