Building A Candy Brand

by Kane Dowell in London, England, United Kingdom

Building A Candy Brand
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I'm aiming to create a new candy brand for all ages which will go to festivals and fetes next year aswell as provide healthy confectionery

by Kane Dowell in London, England, United Kingdom

In 2015 i took a brave decision to put all my own personal money into a business i believed in and it had me exciting but also nervous about what could be especially considering the challenges i would face such as 

1) No Income 

2) Stress 

3) Working From Home 

4) Being My Own Boss

However during that time i managed to create a brand from scratch called "Ask Mummy & Daddy" and in two years we got the business into department stores such as Harrods, Fenwicks and all Selfridges stores throughout the UK aswell as stocked in a number of small farm shops and local childrens clothes shops. In 2016 we opened a pop-up store in Notting Hill which was so exciting and everything was really on the up - we had a few staff and it meant i was able to really channel and grow the business. 

At the start of 2016 i took on an investor who helped with some investment into the business which helped with packaging, stock and steady the business during its growth. 

In this two years i took no salary at all and just cut back on the lifestyle and just put all my energy and hardwork into the business which was amazing however the investor that i had pulled the plug on everything and it really collapsed the business as and it meant i had to close shop and then everything else followed - basically in a nutshell i put my heart and soul into someone coming in but didn't go through the finer details and that is why we had to close down. 

When we closed the shop i tried my damn hardest with packing wholesale orders, running day to day operations all through my spare bedroom but it just wasnt meant to be and in Jan 2018 i had to sadly close a business i loved and adored and mostly importantly was proud of. 

For a look at my previous business we have left the instagram page live:

For the past 6 months i have been in deep thought of what i want to do next which is "create a new business" learn from my past mistakes, think small to start with and slowly do everything rather than rush, rush, rush. 

Im looking to raise money to kick start a new business called "Blenheims London" which is named after "Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill" where i had my first candy shop and also my grandfather was bought up on. 

The positives of not having the previous business is i used my inheritance from my grandmother to travel to countries like USA, Mexico, Hong Kong and Australia to find suppliers, packaging samples and see trends from further afield. 

I would like to use the money i raise to create eye catching packaging and attend family festivals and fetes next year showcasing a great brand and then use the money in turnover to have a small product range of healthy options such as gluten, vegan, dairy, gelatine free candies in sustainable packaging that also protects our future.

I have a huge amount of experience within this sector and know it inside out from previous work places and im 99% confident that it will be a success with the right head way and vision. 

In the past i have worked with businesses such as Cath Kidston when they had 1 shop and left when they had 120 stores worldwide, Maggie & Rose (private premium childrens club) & Biscuiteers so i have been there from starting a fresh business and helping it grow.  

See some packaging samples i have been working on. 



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