Building a British Pub in Seoul, South Korea

Building a British Pub in Seoul, South Korea

We find a best location in Seoul, South Korea and set a luxurious British pub. It will be a new trend setter in the world city.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As growth of income and life quality, now the taste for beer in South Korea is becoming much varied. Specifically, traditionally popular lager (German style) is in comparative shrug, and the consumption growth of Ale is significant!

As the core of Ale, we expect British ale has huge potential for consumption growth, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for our project), the British Ale is not well known yet in South Korea. This is why we are going to open a traditional British pub!

However, we should modify some style as we open in a totally different culture from UK. We will set it up as very tidy and stylish place for all ranges of age.

Of course, building itself should be in Seoul already. However, we need to bring so many materials as well as system and ales from UK. To do this, We are also operating for export of British Ale to South Korea  in legal and tax fields.

We start to aim for opening our first pub after we finish fundraising within 6 months time at latest.