Build Medical School for 400 young women in Uganda

by Charles Olanya in Gulu, Gulu, Uganda

Build Medical School for 400 young women in Uganda
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To increase health worker. Every day,15 women die in Uganda from pregnancy and childbirth,94 babies are stillborn and 81 newborn babies die.

by Charles Olanya in Gulu, Gulu, Uganda


I have been organising Outreach work in the community by bringing Medical team of Doctors, Nurses, Midwifery, Clinical Officers, Dental Officers, and Counsellors in delivering training in Diabetes, Blood pressure, ante-natals, Malaria, family planning and counselling on HIV/Aids. The Outreach work of the 6th October 2019 there were over  300 people from the community.

Every day, 15 women  die  in  Uganda  from pregnancy and  childbirth -related causes, 94 babies are stillborn and 81  newborn  babies  die . This equates to 69,5701 deaths each year due to complications during pregnancy,  childbirth  and in the first month.

The money raised will be use to build Medical School to train healthcare workers in Midwifery, Nurses, Dental and Doctors to eliminate skill shortages in healthcare in our community in northern Uganda and reduce death of young mothers from birth. The northern region of Uganda has been traumatised by over 20 years of war.

With the support of the community, we are building a Medical School in the area to promote Medical knowledge for the 400 young women  and to improve lives in our communities and reduce death by birth.

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