Build homes for Cambodians living in poverty!

by Jan Watermann in Phnom Penh

We did it
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Our mission is spreading a revolutionary brick technology to fight homelessness in Cambodia!

by Jan Watermann in Phnom Penh

What's the main problem?

How can people with incomes of around 140USD per month afford living in a city where regular houses cost 25,000-85,000USD? Right, for most of people the only option is living on the streets, living in tuk tuks or in self built rain shelters right next to main intersections. Homelessness is an omnipresent problem in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as well as in other urban areas within the country. My Dream Home focuses on creating comfortable houses for people that aren't able to buy regular ones. We developed an interlocking-brick that not just simplifys the whole building process, but also saves a lot of GHG emissions. It's made out of 90% soil and around 10% cement, no burning is necessary, pressed bricks just need to dry in the sun.

With all that, we were able to build houses starting from 13,000-15,000USD. Impressive, right? But to make it even more affordable, we started a 20 year financing program that creates the opportunity to finance a whole house for less than 45USD a month, including interest. That's around 1,5USD per day, a sum everyone should be able to afford.

Why do we require require external funds

To keep serving the constantly increasing demand, we need to expand our production capacities. Our profit will be, as usual, 100% reinvested in our social mission. We make sure that MDH stays social and keeps focusing on its mission and huge responsibility. MDHs first crowdfunded project is going to improve the lives of other families, and maybe open up opportunities for us to support our core business with crowdinvestors, making it even more productive and independent from banks and venture capitalists.

To keep our drastic expansion strategy on track, we occasionally require some external capital. Once the company reaches its most efficient size, we will be self sustainable and fully independent, working on improving the lifes of disadvantaged people and reducing unnecessary GHG emissions, created while producing regular bricks.

What is the MDH Interlocking Brick?

 Do you remember how intuitive and easy it was building things out of Lego bricks? The system of self connecting bricks was so easy to understand that even the youngest children could play with it. We understood quite early in our founding process that bringing this system into the real world could simplify the way we build houses drastically. We are proud to say that our brick is not just better in terms of making building easy and affordable for everyone, but also very sustainable. Using 90% soil and 10% cement helps us saving 5143kg of carbon dioxide output per 10,000 bricks. In total MDH saved 514,300kg of carbon dioxide and 85,000kg of carbon monoxide, making our houses not just very affordable, but also tremendously green.

What's next?

Within 2 years MDH was able to build 105 dream homes, providing shelter and happiness to more than 300 Cambodians. We sold 1,000,000 bricks in total, weighing 3,200,000kg. Since the start of our production, workers are receiving a higher pay than the minimum wage and are fully insured against accidents and general diseases.

The demand is enormous, people request around 200 sqm per day, currently we are not able to serve 1/4 of it. We expect being able to serve 90% of the total demand after expanding our production capacity. Due to official government statistics, it's expected that the demand for houses in urban areas will rise to 1,500,000 by 2030. Being able to serve this ever rising demand is crucial for our success and the improvement of the lifes of cambodians living in poverty.


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