Build A Ride Across America

Build A Ride Across America

To Build A Ride across the USA to raise money for My Name'5 Doddie Charity and Oxford Hospitals Charity.

We did it!

On 11th Jul 2018 we successfully raised £1,084 with 46 supporters in 56 days

Dear All, thank you all for your kind donations which will be passed on to the charities.  As you are aware I failed in my attempt to get across America.  That I did was down to my own naivety and failure in ensuring that pathways were established and processes agreed with certain members of the crew.  I must thank Portal Security for there unfailing belief in what we were trying to achieve.  I would also like to thank the unstinting support of both Scott Woodhouse and Garry Clarke. I would also thank Janice and Jim Sheufeldt for getting us through the first 3 days, without you Janice, I would not have made into Arizona, so nutritionally lacking that I was.

In total, we have raised in excess of £3,000 for Doddies charity and OHC.  This is not a massive amount, just a drop in the ocean and could have been so much for if not for the actions at Springfield of certain individuals.  This amount will increase with the inclusion of the Passoni frame.

I will be riding again, there will be RAAM2020 and possibly a 2019, yet to be decided.  Other rides are out there and having riding in excess of 450 miles in 24 hours prior to being taken out of RAAM, I have shown, that with better preparation and support, that RAAM and other targets are within reach and with it the ability to raise much more money for Doddies charity.

Hi, I am Russell, 3 years ago I survived a pheo attack.This year I am riding 3,060 miles across the USA in Race Across America which I qualified for in September 2017 at Revolve24 riding 357 miles in 24 hours.

Help us by buying 10 miles for £10, for this you will have your name connected with Race Across America 2019, #597 Russell Kesley and what we hope will be a successful attempt by a tumour survivor of the 3,000 miles.  By doing this, you will help us get over the £50,000 mark for fund-raising.  You will be added to a list that will show your commitment to My Name'5 Doddie Foundation and Oxford Hospitals Charity.  You will help me get across the line on June 24th this year.  Your name will be on the website with the 10 miles you purchased to help us help others not so fortunate.

I am raising money for My Name'5 Doddie Foundation and Oxford Hospitals Charity.  Help me get across the USA by pledging £10 for 10 miles.  Help me build the ride so that we can raise money for these charities.  I have entered RAAM2018 of my own back and with the help of Portal Security run by Michael Goldie, we are together shouldering the costs of entering so that we can donate all that we raise to these 2 charities. We are not seeking to recover these costs of entering RAAM2018 and we do so to raise £5 for every £1 we have committed ourselves.

Please help us hit our targets and help others who are not so able to help themselves.

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