Build a better future one soul at a time.

by Help change nicest man's life. in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Build a better future one soul at a time.
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I'm raising money so I can get some shelter until I manage to get back on my feet in a job again. I have no family, no one to ask for help

by Help change nicest man's life. in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Like to put one months rent down so I can have somewhere to sleep and rest. I'm genuinely one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. My grandad used to say it's harder to be a good man than a bad one in this world and I have spent my entirely life trying to be that good man and I have done so. But sadly in this world, I have not been rewarded and  tbh feel I've been punished for my philosophy on life. I shall not wither in my belief but I would like some one to see me as I see other and if in position to help. I would whole heartedly.  Even if you don't help? Consideration is enough deep down. Love you all. X

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