BUGSY Custom Swimwear New Website & Manufacturing

Raising money for a new website! And also to have stock manufactured for trade shows.

We did it!

On 3rd Apr 2018 we successfully raised £275 with 14 supporters in 56 days

Bugsy is a British “design your own” swimwear website for women and children

It's fun to use  - You choose the style , prints and size - then we make each individual piece! 

I am building a new website with some cool new features, such as a videos of the outfits and more styles for both women and children, plus the website needs to be a mobile friendly version.

I am  also having  stock manufactured (in the UK- hurray!!! ) to take to trade shows,  spreading the Bugsy Luuuurve! 

I need to do various  photo-shoots (to show-off the lovely swimsuits) and lots of other small jobs such as advertising, SEO, that all starts to add up when I am funding it all myself. 

I could slowly do the changes over the next year or two but feel this is too long and I would miss out on the trade shows and want to really get going with the retail side of the brand.

A substantial  financial investment would really see Bugsy move along faster and become the brand it deserves to be.

So come on you gorgeous people  - join the Bugsy Revolution!

Lots of Love 

Bugsy x 

(my childhood nickname from my mum) 

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