Budding Property Developer

Budding Property Developer

To Raise funds to buy a house for development into student accommodation within the area of Cumbria university campus in Carlisle.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello to all potential pledgers. My name is Ryan and I would like to share my story with as many people as possible in order to raise funds to buy a house for university students with in the Carlisle area. 

So why ????

I currently work with in the  HM Armed Forces. I've always had a dream of becoming a property developer problem is getting enough money to fund such a dream. 

Within my job I teach both recruits and trained soldiers. Rewarding  but frustrating job but something I wouldn't change for the world. Through this transition in my life I've learned that quality teaching and the right environment are the key to success. I believe fully in developing the next generation towards their goals. I may not be a fully fledged teacher but I believe that providing affordable housing to students would help keep the stress of high rising bills and rent at a minimum. 

My aim is to raise enough money to buy a house at an affordable price. Provide high specifications throughout and provide students with a secure safe environment to learn.  I will provide accommodation that is cheaper than what is available at the moment. 

Any funds that aren't used will be donated towards a charity with children's learning at the heart. 

Any money that is donated will be much appreciated. 

Regards Ryan