Budding cosmetics and crafts business!

by Chloe Brown in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

Budding cosmetics and crafts business!


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I am aiming to raise finds to help me start up my business! I have all the ideas and no gear!

by Chloe Brown in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

I find I am very ambitious, I have 1 million things I want to do and I know joe I can get there and do them but alas, like a lot of people it’s money in the way. I want to start a cosmetics and craft business. I love makeup, beauty and skincare and especially science and ingredient focused skincare, lip glosses and eyelashes and acrylic nail extensions. 

I want to have my own beauty and skincare like but I want it to be as eco friendly and cruelty free as possible. This also makes it more expensive hence why I am crowdfunding! I hope to find materials and supplies to help me achieve my dream but not at the cost of the earth. 

I also love crafts and getting creative! I find that sitting down and designing it being artistic calms me and why not capitalise on that? I particularly love to express myself and decorate things but I also change my mind often so I find myself buying lots of stickers. I thought of creating my own stickers and selling them but then realised for that, I will need a printing and cutting machine. 


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