Buddies Toothpaste, making brushing fun

To manufacture the first Apple Fresh version of our innovative toothbrush design and to launch our Secret Formula toothpaste

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Many people, especially children, struggle with brushing their teeth. 

At Buddies, our mission is to help make brushing fun. 

The problem

Whilst most parents know it's important to help our children establish good brushing habits from an early age, this isn't always easy in practice. There are many reasons why some kids don't want to brush their teeth. For others it might be the hassle of knowing the right amount of paste to use or having it everywhere except on the brush! Buddies toothpaste products are aimed at making the brushing experience a positive one, helping develop good oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime

My story

In my personal experience, my eldest son hated brushing his teeth because he couldn't stand the taste of any toothpastes, especially mint. I got frustrated by the lack of good fluoride alternatives available and wondered whether I was the only parent in this situation. My research through an agency showed that approx 15% of the 200 parents questioned had kids with similar issues. Hence Buddies toothpaste was born.

Our solution

Imagine you're a child who has always hated the whole brushing process. Now imagine you discover Buddies Toothpaste and find: 

Our products

The core of the range  is great tasting Buddies Toothpaste: Hint of Mint, a buttery mint designed for those who need a mild minty stepping stone until their tastebuds develop and Apple Fresh, a zingy alternative to mint which most kids love. These are for use from 3 years+ and delivered in 2 ways: 

Our journey so far

Our strategy has been to start small and build a trusted brand that grows.

Following several years of product development, we launched in April 2017, providing both Apple Fresh and Hint of Mint toothpaste pump dispensers and the Hint of Mint toothbrush kit to CTS Dental Supplies, the No.1 supplier of oral hygiene products to UK dentists. There has been a lot of interest in the range and 2 things are now very clear:

1. Apple Fresh sells slightly more (probably because there are lots of mint haters out there!) so we want to raise funds to manufacture an Apple Fresh version of the toothbrush kit

2. There are some kids who struggle with any mint or fruit flavours at all. So to suit even the fussiest, we've created Secret Formula, a blend of the tastiest flavours around, with its own cool secret agent character. We'd love to use some of the target funds to make it available to buy

So this is what we'd like to do with the funds. Thanks for taking the time to read this far and really great if you can help us help kids by making brushing fun :)