Buckip; saving you water, time & money

by Allison Judd in Monkleigh, England, United Kingdom


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The Buckip is a clip to attach your hosepipe to your bucket, saving you time, money and water.

by Allison Judd in Monkleigh, England, United Kingdom

Secure, Simple But very effective! Probably the most low tech campaign available on crowdfunder today........

What is the Buckip?

The Buckip is simply a clip that threads onto your hosepipe and slides onto the side of your bucket. Simple, practical and efficient.

The Buckip is designed to.....

Save you water, save you time time, and save you money.......

We live in a world today, when the solutions to issues are generally high in technology...but what about simplifying things, Looking for solutions that are simple, logical, robust, sustainable, efficient.

Introducing the Buckip... a clip that attaches your hosepipe to your bucket. - Simplicity

Why has the Buckip been designed?

As a horse owners, we have all suffered when hosepipe develops its own life when filling buckets.

We have all lifted buckets, drenched ourselves and risked our backs because we would rather not spend extra money replacing soggy bedding?

And we have all stood staring into space freezing our hands  whilst filling stable buckets?

All equestrians strive to save money in any way. So why not look towards the buckip.....

The buckip will actually save you money on your water bills, your bedding costs, your back and ultimately your time! By simply clipping your hosepipe on your bucket. No more standing holding the pipe, no more diving over the stable when the hosepipe uncoils, no more bucket trudging, no more soaked beds from wayward hosepipes, no more wasted water. Simply MORE time for doing other stuff.

The story behind the Buckip

The story so far......the buckip developed due to its designer, Allison Judd receiving a full frontal drenching when a hosepipe went rogue. Muttering to herself, there must be something that will stop this, she googled, she searched, she stomped her feet and found that although there are pipe clamps for fish tanks, there simply wasn't anything that would stop this problem.

Armed with cable ties and a bull dog clip, she set to work developing a solution. It did not work! but the idea grew.

It didn't have to be pretty, it didn't have to be smart, it simply just had to work - and be robust enough to withstand the rigours of an equestrian life. Armed with this, 3d mock ups were developed and samples produced via 3d printing to prove concept.

Then the design was registered.

What will the Buckip be made from?

After lengthy consultations from Jeff Smith at Orchid, the chosen material is Acetal.

For the rest of us.......Using Acetal means that the buckips will be:

  • NON Degradable under extreme weather conditions
  • SAFE to use with drinking water and feedstuffs

Why do we need your help?

To bring the buckip into production, a double mould tool has to be made costing approximately £9000. This includes shipment via air freight of the tool and a first sample run of 200 buckips. This will be produced by the team with Jeff Smith at Orchid Plastics Ltd based in Scarborough, UK.

This can be achieved, tested and first commercial samples produced within 4 weeks of payment, and then first commercial run of buckips can be produced.

The remaining funds raised means that the costs of producing all buckips pledged will be covered.

All shipping costs are based on the dimensions and weights of the prototype buckips produced by 3D Printing.


From pledging to receive 1 simple buckip or pledging to have a retail pack, everyone can make an impact.

There is only 1 large reseller pack available specifically for those retailers who wish to stock the buckip and use promotional material to create a stir. (however, please do contact me if more is needed)

Purchasing 1 simple buckip means that you can save money, save water and save time. Its worth it, even if you do not have horses.

Other prospective use for the buckips (so I keep getting told) builders, gardeners, farmers

The Impact

Your contribution can make a difference, not only to you with your own savings but to others by.......

  • On funding, jobs can be be created and maintained in a rural area.
  • Plans to extend the range can be investigated including a troughip and an auto shut off valve and a water sensor.
  • Roman and Gina can have extra carrots :)

Risks & Challenges

  • The biggest challenge would be if funding failed and the cost of tooling is not covered. - this can be lessened by the application of a business loan.
  • There is a risk of equestrians not understanding the concept of crowdfunding - a solution for this is to work with a group of people who will run a group on facebook.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cant contribute, please dont worry, drop me a message and lets talk!

Thank you for your support... From Roman, Gina and of course, myself.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Only 500 Buckips available at £3.90 each - A discount of 21.5% on the RRP £7 includes the shipping

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One lonely Buckip!

One single lonely Buckip! Includes UK shipping. Colour choice will be available prior to fulfillment date

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Friends with Buckips!

Buckips always need company, why not club together and buy 5. 10% discount of RRP and includes UK Shipping. Colour choice available on fulfillment

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Livery Package - 10 Buckips

Livery pack of 10 Buckips - perfect for the small yard so every bucket has a Buckip! Includes UK shipping 17.5% discount of RRP

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A professional Pack

A 20 Buckip pack for Professional yards with multiple occupancy (or any one else!) Includes UK shipping Assorted colours unless specified prior to fullfillment 21.5% of rrp per Buckip

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Small Retail Pack (50 Buckips)

Small retail pack of 50 Buckips or even very useful for large professional yards. Retail pack will include promotional flyers 30% discount on RRP

£310 or more

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100 Buckip Retail Pack Includes 1 x TubTrug and Promotional Flyers - for your retail launch Also includes Shipping 40% discount on RRP - only available for retail or very large yards.

£1,000 or more

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Reseller package with promotional products

Wholesale package of 500 Buckips, 5 promotional Tshirts, Promotional Flyers, & 5 TubTrugs Huge Saving on RRP! Includes UK shipping

Let's make 'Buckip; saving you water, time & money' happen

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