Buckinghamshire Folk Tales

by Terrie Howey in Stony Stratford, England, United Kingdom

Buckinghamshire Folk Tales
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I am raising money for the a book launch of my debut book Buckinghamshire Folk Tales.

by Terrie Howey in Stony Stratford, England, United Kingdom

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If I were lucky enough to raise more than my goal then I would dearly like to create a cd of the stories because being dyslexic I am aware just how hard it is for some people to read text, and would like to provide an audio alternative.

Hello, my name is Terrie Howey, although I am sometimes known as the storyteller Red Phoenix.

I am severely dyslexic, and being an oral storyteller has enabled me to find value in my somewhat unusual brain. Thanks to storytelling I have also been able to help myself overcome the many challenges of dyslexia and support others in gaining confidence in communicating and developing a sense of self and place through stories.

Storytelling has enabled me to achieve many goals including working nationally and internationally, undertaking a PhD (I'm in my final months), and writing a book - this book, my debut. These are all things I thought I would never be able to do as dyslexia has created many challenges for me to overcome. I never thought I would be capable of writing a book (61,000 words long) or of becoming a Doctor of Philosophy (hopefully by 2020) in Storytelling and Heritage.

It took me two years longer than planned to create the Buckinghamshire Folk Tales, (published by the History Press), but it has been a huge personal achievement, which at times seemed impossible. If storytelling has taught me anything, it is that the solving of impossible tasks, usually with the help of friends and strangers, brings the greatest satisfactions.

As you can imagine the book launch is a time when I should be celebrating this achievement. However, by the publisher's contract I have to buy my books to sell, and fund the book launch myself, all whilst living on my student bursary. My aim is to raise enough money to buy 100 books (the minimum amount), book a venue, provide refreshments and some entertainment (besides me storytelling). So, I am hoping you can help me raise the money I need to launch my book, because for me it is much more than a book, it is a life-time achievement, and a celebration of overcoming my challenges.

This is the first time I have written a book, although I have worked with stories my entire life in my education, through art and performance. Professionally I founded my business Red Phoenix Storytelling & Productions (www.redphoenixstory.com) upon leaving university in 2007. For the last twelve years I have performed and lead workshops using storytelling to help people gain confidence, learn new skills, understand new subjects, and to enjoy their own creativity. Developing my work into a written form is a new venture building on my previous work as an oral storyteller. This step may lead to further possibilities, such as other story collections, or books on storytelling with a more academic and guidance nature. Future developments may also include seeking funding to create stories digitally, through audio and visual formats online. By doing this it opens up storytelling to a wide audience and encourages people to find their voice in whatever format suits them. Storytelling is how we communicate with others, how we understand the world around us and how we can change it, it is vital in connecting us to others, the places we live, and our heritage. I firmly believe everyone is a storyteller and should have the opportunity to hear and tell the stories that matter to them. It has been my career long goal to deliver on that belief in whatever way I can, and this book and future developments are steps towards making storytelling more accessible.

If I am lucky enough to raise more than my goal then I would dearly like to create a CD of the stories, because being dyslexic I am aware of just how hard it is for some people to read text and would like to provide an audio alternative.

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A Stony Stratford Story Stroll for you and up to 30 guests (friends, family, work colleagues), plus a signed copy of the book.

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A free house concert (within Milton Keynes or a 20 mile radius) for you and guests, plus a signed copy of the book.

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