Bububu Orphanage Support Project

Bububu Orphanage Support Project

Raising the missing funds necessary to buy the orphanage's and related school's building within a very tight deadline

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

There is an important support reality for childhood in Zanzibar Island in Tanzania one of which - and the most relevant one -  is  the Orphanage and montessorian school of Bububu village, located few kilometers from Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar.

The structure, managed with devotion by a local teacher, hosts orphanes and children with family problems  (age: 0-15). 

Suzanna Hemock Makizu - Resposible

The kids live together within the facility day and night and the orphanage survives through donations and voluntary support.

Orphanage Kids

Thanks to  the continuous efforts of our international volunteers, mostly professionals who works in the Tourism and Receptivity industry in Zanzibar,  in direct contact with the site and  closely linked with the orphanages, many steps have been already taken towards the purchase of the building: $ 30,000.00 has been raised and paid in the last year!

Together with our volunteers, some local Artists have dedicated their time and talents to write a song and record a video at the Orphanage to support the project while raising local inhabitants' awareness  at the same time:


This reality is now in danger and we are striving to support his survival in the short term as well as to help with a more long term plan.


  •  to raise the fund necessary to purchase the orphanage building, currently rented (buying the property would save around $ 300 per month).  There are currently $ 10,000 missing to complete the purchase of the building); donations will be sent directly on orphanage bank account!
  • refurbishment of the building to increase its currently poor structural and  hygienic levels;


  • remote adoption of single children, each donor can take care of a child by paying an annual fee that allows him/her to have the necessary school supplies, to continue his/her studies as well as to contribute to his / her dietary, health and clothing subsistence;
  • purchase or donation of school desks and chairs, tablets, computers and various technological equipment (TVs, mp3 players, smartphones, economic resources for wifi) to enable all the kids to bridge the digital gap and to become technologically advanced to keep up with kids around the world in an increasingly digital age;
  • the purchase of a small land  for the production of chicken eggs in order to start up a business that could ensure a monthly income, although minimal, for the orphanage.

With your contribution we could make the difference for this small, although fundamental reality in Zanzibar.

Look out for updates: we will keep you well informed on how the project gets along.

Come on board with us.  KARIBU (WELCOME)!!!

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