Our mission is simple, to make studying a social experience for students.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are aiming to do this by creating a platform purely dedicated to allowing students to converse with their course-mates about their academic studies and university life, without the invasiveness of other social media platforms, and without the social limitations of other academic applications.

Many students find course studies to be an antisocial experience, with most friendships forming in non-academic settings. We therefore aim to address this issue by creating an app that takes the social benefits of many popular social media sites, and applies them to an academic setting, creating an environment for students that is beneficial to both learning and social life.

We identified a need for this app from noticing that students don’t have a social media platform dedicated to improving social connections on University courses. Most of the current sites that allow for these connections to form are too invasive for many students, and others have too little focus on the social side of learning. Our app connects all students who sign up to the other students on their course without the need to manually connect, allowing for friendships and social connections to occur organically through the app. Our app also keeps focus on social life, and allows students to plan social activities with their course-mates, without having to form the friendships first or know the personal details of their course-mates. This also allows for easier creation of course study groups between students, which was a strong influence for the creation of the app, and is a key feature of our app. 

Where we differ from many other social media platforms is that we intend our shareholders to be our users, which allows our users to contribute their ideas and be influential to the development and growth of the app. This minimises any possibility of acting outside of user interests, which will only benefit the user’s experience throughout the development of the app, and will create a more intimately run and user-friendly social media company.