Bryn's Tour Sesh in Croatia 2K17

Bryn's Tour Sesh in Croatia 2K17

We are trying to fund our friend Bryn's ticket to go on tour in Croatia with the American football team in 2K17.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Bryn Thomas has always lived for the sesh. Unfortunately, Bryn has become monetarily challenged this year. "Why doesn't Bryn just skip tour this year?" I hear you call. Well that is not an option. It is Bryn's third year, meaning young Bryn will never have another chance to smash out the sesh on tour ever again. Before he knows it, Bryn will be working a 50 hour a week graduate job, living on his own and grafting like a dog until the day he drops. This is the last time Bryn has in his life to have fun and to hit the sesh with his best friends. 

We would fund Bryn's sesh ourselves, but sadly we ourselves have barely any money at all. 

Bryn lives for the sesh. Without the sesh, Bryn is nothing. Please give generously, it is going to a very good cause.