Brunei stray puppers

by Rose Boswell in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Brunei stray puppers
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So, as some of you will know 8 little bundles of joy appeared outside our gym in Jan. One was taken as a pet very early on leaving us with t...

by Rose Boswell in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

So, as some of you will know 8 little bundles of joy appeared outside our gym in Jan. One was taken as a pet very early on leaving us with the 7.

Although the local community don't tend to keep dogs as they are not able to touch them, they have all been great at feeding them up. However, when coronavirus hit and the country went into lockdown there were no longer as many people taking care of them due to all the local restaurants shutting.

When the rules relaxed back to social distancing and we got to go back, 2 of them had developed terrible mange. Around this time 3 others vanished so we thought they had been taken as pets.

We have spent the last 3 weeks feeding the remaining 4 daily and trying to win them over so that we can get medical treatment for them as well as the 2 Mamma dogs ideally getting spayed (one is in heat again and the dogs have already started sniffing around).

But then a couple of days ago the 3 we thought had been rehomed reappeared!! God knows where they had been as they're skinny and scared of people.

We now have 7 pups again. Of the 2 females with bad mange, one has now developed a huge pocket of fluid or a cyst under her neck and can't walk on her back leg any more the poor thing. 

One of the pups who returned can no longer walk (and i mean not at all, even though she was scared of us she couldn't move away).

This morning we successfully managed to catch these two who needed medical treatment the most. Mrs Mange is now called Alice and the one who couldn't walk is now called Lily. We have a foster home for them both for at least the next month or so. Fortunately it looks like Lilys legs are broken and not something more permanent. We are unsure if both of their leg injuries are from getting caught in traps or hit by cars.

They will both need to be spayed, as well as the other treatment. We then have the 2 Mummas, the other little lady with mange to catch, treat and spay and one other female (the brown one).

A lot of you have generously offered to contribute, anything is a help even if it is just a share of my posts with their cute little pictures. I know the UK is a tough place to be at the moment and people may not have spare funds and that's fine!

I've plucked a target from thin air as anything is a help. It is around £100-120 per mamma/pup to spay and that would make such a huge difference, but i know its a lot of money. We aren't sure how much the mange and broken bones will cost yet. We got stopped by a local today (they all think I'm mad the amount of time I spend with them getting eaten alive by mozzies lol) and he insisted on giving us $100bnd to start us off which nearly killed me with the kindness.

I would absolutely love to send them all back to the UK to be proper little spoilt pets but it is pretty expensive unfortunately. We will continue to look after them as best we can for as long as we can though! The 4 we started with now run along side my car when i get there and eat from my hand which is adorable. Crazy considering they wouldn't come near us! One of the boys is a little fuss pot and loves being stroked and we are working on the nervousness of the other 3 who are only really just getting used to us.

There will be regular updates of them on my facebook :)

Stay safe all and thanks for taking the time to care about these little babies!

P.S - It wouldn't recognise my Brunei postcode so had to roll with the homeland. Promise I am actually in Brunei!

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