Brum Zine Fest 2019: Comparatively Stronger

by Brum Zine Fest in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 7th July 2019 we successfully raised £5,487 with 53 supporters in 28 days

We're mobilising to resource this year's #BrumZineFest gloriously by paying artists and covering working costs despite not securing funding.

by Brum Zine Fest in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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Tony Colville 3rd July 2019

Good luck! Always inspired by your work and I hope others get behind you in the final days of the Crowdfunder too! Tony x

GirlDreamer 29th June 2019

Go get it Byng! Some funders just don't know when great things/people come their way but we all got you and see your greatness! :D x

Becca Clark 28th June 2019

Brum Brum Brum! This festival and the folk behind it really warm our hearts. A solid strong bunch making a solid strong festival happen. Can’t wait to catch up again for 2019!

Rob Ward 20th June 2019

The current editor of the only progressive broadsheet newspaper in Britain cites zines as an influence. These community publications got a lot of people through some hard times and had as much meaning in the West as samizdat had in the East. Times are different now, but the rawness and idiosyncracy that is common with zines is needed more than ever.

Pamela Prideaux 19th June 2019

Here's hoping you're able to accomplish your goals of fairness and accessibility in running the festival! As I'm Canadian, if it isn't too much more work for you to exclude it, please don't send me the festival ticket. I won't be able to use it, but you can give it to someone else if you'd like! 17th June 2019

Your team at Impact Hub Birmingham is behind you all the way! Go on our Byng, we know how hard it is for you to be out in the world like this xxxx

Reece Kennedy 11th June 2019

This event and team is doing freaking incredible and vital work we need more events like this in the city not less so everyone should give generously if they can👍🏾❤️

johanneorchardwebb 10th June 2019

Because for creative magic to thrive we need to invest in it and properly care for it where it grows. I am grateful for these beautiful magic makers.

Ali B 10th June 2019

Birmingham needs to keep these accessible and friendly spaces going as we are threatened constantly with the pressures of capitalism and the ownership of who gets to make art. Please support the zine fest.


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Zine Homeslice

If you pledge £10 or more you'll receive a shout out online and printed THANK YOU in this year's festival programme. Cheers, homie!

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Zine Champion

Pledge £15 for a shout out and THANK YOU, plus a special edition printed souvenir ticket for Brum Zine Fest on Saturday 6th July. That's why they call you the champ, champ!

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Zine Boss

When life gives you lemons, you make a zesty zine! Pledge £20 for a shout out and THANK YOU, a ticket for Brum Zine Fest, plus a copy of Comparatively Weaker, a zine created exclusively for the festival featuring submissions around failure, rejection and validation by a range of artists. Thanks, boss!

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Zine Hero

Not all heros wear capes, but they still need somewhere to keep their stuff. Pledge £30 for a shout out and THANK YOU, a ticket for Brum Zine Fest, plus an exclusive Brum Zine Fest musette.

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Zine Legend

Pledge an ama-zine £75 to receive the whole kit and caboodle: a shout out online and THANK YOU printed in the festival programme, a souvenir ticket for Brum Zine Fest, plus a copy of the Comparatively Weaker zine, exclusive Brum Zine Fest musette, and exclusive T-shirt. You deserve it, you complete and utter legend!

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Zine Master

Pledge £100 to receive all Zine Legend rewards, plus a place at a zine-making workshop led by the Brum Zine Fest team so you can learn the craft yourself. Absolute respect to you, oh wise zine master!

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Mighty Zine Team

Pledge £250 to receive a zine workshop for your whole team, led by Brum Zine Fest curator Louise Byng exclusively for you and your mighty squad to fold, cut and stick your way into a new dimension!

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