Broken Grey Wires

Broken Grey Wires

Broken Grey Wires is an ongoing investigation into art and mental health by developing a dialogue with other leading contemporary artists.

We did it!

On 7th Oct 2014 we successfully raised £1,815 of £1,500 target with 56 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target


As you have read, part 1 is only the beginning! We will use any extra funding to make the website even better, to create a launch event for the web platform and to pay for our hard work getting ready for parts 2 and 3. 


About me

My name is Lizz Brady and I am an artist from Manchester, working with installation and text,

I originally got the idea for Broken Grey Wires while in my final year at university; I have Borderline Personality Disorder and my artwork is in response to the highs and lows of that illness. I wanted to fulfill a gap within mental health and contemporary art, which isn’t well understood. Of course there is art therapy and it is proven that all creative paths help with mental health problems, but I struggled to find a project which directly involved contemporary art and mental health.

Lizz Brady installation

About the project

I am working alongside artist and curator Mike Chavez-Dawson on Broken Grey Wires, the project has three parts. Part 1 will bring together all the research material and findings through the website platform. It will be a place of resource, and eventually an evolving reflective catalogue around the outputs (physical shows/workshops) that will also serve as an archive and promotional device for the overall project. As it precedes the second phase (physical exhibition) it will allow us to anchor the overall project both nationally and internationally.

Paul Digby

Part 2 and 3 will be two exhibitions in leading institutes. Along with the artists involved I envisage that the exhibitions will enhance our experience and knowledge of mental health. All artists involved will share their experiences, whether it is of their own mental health issues, or from their understanding gained during study or knowing friends/family with mental illness. The key aim will be to make mental health situations such as my own and others more tangible to people in similar positions, albeit from a research led contemporary art perspective.

I’m proud to announce this list of internationally acclaimed artists involved in Broken Grey Wires:

• Marcia Farquhar• Jeremy Deller• Paul Digby• Stuart Semple• David Shrigley• Bobby Baker• Beagles and Ramsay• David Sherry• Toby Allen• The Vacuum Cleaner• Magda Archer• Ryan Trecartin• Sandra Bouguerch• Augustus Veinoglou• Sean Burn• David Yates• Mike Chavez-Dawson• Edward Barton and the Baby Men• Billy Childish

Stuart Semple Happy Clouds

It is vital to me that a rapport is started, that the gap in how we understand mental health and contemporary art is examined through something important and special. I feel Broken Grey Wires can become a legacy in its field and I would love you to be part of it.

The point in this project is that I have been there, I’ve been in that situation, that dark hole where you wonder what the point in living is; in fact I still slip into those situations now, but I got through those times and I’ve learnt how to pull myself out of that hole. I want Broken Grey Wires to be a project which can help those struggling, can give them their confidence back; restore their pride and encourage them to find that spark again.

Workshops will be designed by artists, occupational therapists, and performers, to be fun, educational and relaxed. Talks will give the audience something to relate too and give the opportunity to ask questions to people who have gone through similar experiences.

The art will be interactive and show that it is alright to feel ‘melancholy’ it’s alright to feel ‘insecure’ we all do at some point.

And if we got through it, so can you.

Why we need you!

To get the project underway we want to build part 1, the web platform and exhibition catalogue. To do that we need your help!


Rewards for backing Broken Grey Wires will range from being part of the catalogue, receiving signed postcards, limited edition prints, studio visits to Mike Chavez-Dawson's studio in Manchester and Paul Digby's studio in Leeds, a meet up with Edward Barton for cakes and tea plus tickets to the private view of the exhibitions.

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