Brodie's Caravan

Brodie's Caravan

Somewhere for brodie to recuperate after surgery

We did it!

On 2nd Aug 2015 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Better life for her after so much surgery


My daughter brodie is 10 years old and since 18 months old has gone through around 10 operations.

she suffers from a condition called Melorheostosis which is a progressive bone disorder and was diagnosed as the youngest in the world with this.

She has had a radial fracture of her right leg, plates inserted into her right knee to help straighten her leg which was unsuccessful.

she then had an iliazroth frame built around her right leg and we had to adjust the screw daily to get the leg straight, after 6 months the leg was straight the doctors removed the frame and the leg went back to how it was before the operation.

she has had 2 lots of surgery to her right little finger as it was twisted but both lots of surgery were unsuccessful.

she then fell over a boy a couple of years ago snapping her left femur into 2 pieces after 1 week in hospital they operated and inserted Nancy nails.

on removal of the Nancy nails they noticed that the leg had twisted and her knee had rotated to the left by 30*.

she Recently had another operation to try and correct the alignment of her left leg and so far so good.

we know there is more surgery to come as the outlook isn't the greatest as the condition is progressive.

so what we are trying to do is get the deposit for a static caravan so on weekend and school holidays she can recuperate.

she has just received a electric wheelchair from whizz kidz which has made a difference now helping us raise the funds for the deposit on the caravan will make her dreams come true. And you can be responsible for putting a smile on her face

thank you all who take the time to read this and help fund brodie's Caravan


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