Brixton Briefcase

Brixton Briefcase

Brixton Briefcase will be a one stop shop for all business and personal services ranging from insurance, consulting and car hire.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Brixton Briefcase is to be a central hub containing numerous business services ranging from fuel cards and business insurance to car hire and recruitment consultants.
Whilst there are multiple similar companies out there offering the same type of service, those companies tend to only focus on one particular sector such as vehicle insurance where as Brixton Briefcase will offer a majority of services attracting a broad range of customers from all different interests.

The unique selling point for Brixton Briefcase will be focusing on business services, although at the same time personal services will be offered drawing attention from all customers as well as mainly business customers.

The key point for Brixton Briefcase is to be a one stop shop for all business needs and this will be done by obtaining a small fee on each transaction. The website will be limited on offering advertising services as the main focus will be offering low cost original prices from each provider and obtaining a commission on each transaction so those providers do not increase their prices advertised on Brixton Briefcase.

Individual sectors such as insurance and office space rental are multi million pound industry's and the aim of Brixton Briefcase is to disturb each and every one of them obtaining a piece of each market.