British Master League Gaming

British Master League Gaming

UK Console only Gaming Tournament. Cash prizes in numerous games. We have no where for our young UK talent to shine, let's Help them!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are an upcoming console only gaming league. British Master League Gaming plans to give the UK gaming industry a boost and give young and old console gamers a place to shine. There is a current major focus on PC only tournaments but no real console only Gaming league for British teams only. We want to launch a UK gaming event made for the console gamer, Where ages 13+ can come and play for a chance to win some money (with parental consent of course), have some fun, meet some youtube Famous and game..

We currently run online tournaments but we have huge interest in launching a UK based event. This will be a culmination of UK teams battling it out on consoles for cash prizes. These games and matches will help to bring attention to the UK professional gaming industry and that Is what we want.


The age restrictions will be 13+ with an adult, 16+ with consent, 18+ are good.

At the first event there will be Call of Duty Black ops League Event, Street fighter Tournament, FIfa Teams CUP, along with many sponsors, gaming new releases and sneak peeks of new technology it will be a great event for the family and Gaming teams alike.


This help will us to give young gamers jobs and work experience.


We are asking for help to raise this money to help launch this event and so we can employ more young people in this rapidly growing field within the UK. This help will also enable us to Future proof our current broadcasting technology and with running costs for the league.


Help us Help UK gaming talent have a place to play competitively. Thank You