British Injustice

British Injustice

Thank you for taking the time click on this link and I will try and not take up too much of your time so will try and keep it brief as I can

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Thank you for taking the time click on this link and I will try and not take up too much of your time so will try and keep it brief as the whole story would be a novel.

 I am a disabled father who was victim of domestic abuse for many years by ex-partner, I was granted Legal Aid but soon found solicitors getting legal aid did absolutely nothing I have also found that the British Legal system could not care less simply because I am male and don’t believe that a male can be a victim.

From day one I have supplied factual evidence of abuse, factual evidence of my ex-partner lying to the court many times and factual evidence that the CAFCASS officer involved is guilty of sexual discrimination and disability discrimination yet when I raise this with the courts they do not even take the time to look it, always taking the CAFCASS officers word as gospel.

I need help to raise funds to pay a good solicitor to get justice for my children. I have all the evidence and have done everything by the book from day one, I can prove without a doubt that my ex-partner has lied and still is lying to the court,  I also have recordings of all meetings and phone calls with CAFCASS that not only prove their failure to treat both parties equally but also prove they have manipulated medical professionals and deliberately mislead the court, CAFCASS stooped me seeing my children for 5 months because I am disabled despite my doctor stating my disability in no way effects my care of children.

My plan is to prove without a doubt this system is a farce and bring to light in the media. Hopefully then someone will notice and take action to make sure nobody Man woman or child has to suffer this unjust system anymore no matter what gender, race or beliefs they have. But I can’t do this without a good solicitor. 

I know this is not something new and the Family legal system has for a long time been a farce but this needs to change as all of our children deserve better, so many families are destroyed by the actions of CAFCASS and an unfair and biased Family Court system. 

I also have a petition with if you would like to help more to ask Parliament for a system where CAFCASS officers have someone to answer to as at the moment there is no governing body and they can and do what they like with no consequences. 

I am not some part time father with a grudge, I raised my children and gave them a life I could have only dreamt of, and I will continue to fight so that I can give them the best possible life. I can and have proven this to the court with statements from my ex partners own family and professionals, I can prove child abuse, neglect and endangerment by my ex-partner but as usual the System is so blind they do not even look at it.

In this system without the ability to pay a good solicitor simply the word of someone outweighs factual evidence and this is the case here, with no evidence whatsoever against me only the word of someone proven to be a liar that is protected by the incredibly biased CAFCASS who have hidden and ignored anything at all that would go against my ex-partner again I can prove this

I wish I could return to work and pay for this myself but my disability prevents this and 3 years ago I had no choice but to stop working, I have worked from the day I left I school up till then and never relied on anyone for anything but I have no choice but to do this.

It is not just my children that are affected by this as this effects hundreds of children each year and what I want to do is once I have a good solicitor that can prove the truth it will be a benchmark for others facing similar problems with this Family Law System, I will also make sure that everything is recorded so that the Media has full access to everything as everyone who has seen the evidence I have cannot believe that my children are not with me now and stated the way I have been treated is appalling and almost unbelievable.

I am desperate for help, I need a good solicitor that can take the evidence and present it in a way the court will listen and that will fight rather than just tread water taking public money for doing nothing. This only comes with money. Every penny donated will go towards funding of a solicitor and if there is any left over this will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Please give what you can and help shake up this Legal System so it will benefit not just my children but the many children that are failed by it each year.