british made bags

british made bags

When I was 13 I was diagnosed with the deliberating illness M.E also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

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When I was 13 I was diagnosed with the deliberating illness M.E also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

My passion from the age I could walk and talk was always fashion, every day I would sketch outfits out and flick through the latest magazines admiring the collections. My dream was always to work for a fashion house or have my own collection.

When I fell ill I was unable to do school full time, I cut my GCSE’s down to 5 and focused on the qualifications I knew I needed to get into college. I managed to secure an A in art and design and A-B in maths English and science.

Throughout college I was very poorly, in and out of hospital every term. I cut my A levels down to two and passed them both with flying colours.

The doctors advised me that I was too ill to attend university however I Knew If I wanted to succeed in fashion I would need a degree. Throughout university I was in and out of hospital and extremely weak, I had a note taker to help me when I was unable to attend lectures. My joints were so painful I was in a wheel chair for several months.

I managed to secure a 1st class degree in fashion business in the hope this would secure my dream of owning my own handbag collection.

Since university I have styled my own photo shoots, secured a role in marketing and worked with Elle and Red magazine. I would say I have had a good dose of health for around two years.

However, I still stuffer with terrible migraines, I’m on daily medication for this and I get incredibly tired. This is hugely effecting my job as my absent days are totalling up.

Three years ago I was given a medication from a neurologist who advised these would stop my migraines, I reacted very badly and went blind for two weeks, a miracle happened and it came back, this really opened my eyes (no pun intended) to always follow my dreams and make sure I live every day to its fullest.

I want more than anything to start my own business but due to my low salary saving each month hasn’t been an option.

I would love to be able to buy several leather hides, a foiling machine and a sewing machine to get me on my way. I’d like to use British products so that everything is made here in the UK.

This is a dream I have had from a very young age and I would love and appreciate if you could get me there.

Thank you for reading.


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