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by Chris in West Midlands

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No cool gadgets, just awesome news for British Businesses. Finally a business directory that takes advantage of social media driven traffic.

by Chris in West Midlands

Who We Are

We are a team of web designers and SEO experts that enjoy coffee and results. We have built many business directories over the years, mainly to boost our own client SEO and position on Google. Then we got very lucky, we managed to buy which if you understand web domains, you will appreciate that this is a VERY strong web address! 

So we started brainstorming and created all the general social media accounts while we started to build up the website. This has gone crazy, with just one image we shared getting over 1,300,000 views on Facebook (and climbing). So we decided that due to our experience in SEO and Social Media, we would combine the two... 

You should check out our Facebook page too, because if you don't appreciate the power of humour, we're not for you. We know the power of laughter and social media, we hope you allow us to help it power your business too.

What is Britain Direct?

Britain Direct(ory) is an online business directory with a difference. Instead of waiting for people to visit it and look for your business, we decided to power it virally, with social media and the drive the traffic. Now some of the social media we have been pushing has reached over a million views in less than a week, it is all very tongue in cheek humour with the odd moral message dotted here and there, we joke about boobs, men being useless and the such, because people share these more than messages of concern and love. (Sad but true.)

So as websites like UNI Lad and Lad's Bible get so much traffic, but business directories did not, we decided to combine the two! 

The equation is a simple one, people prefer to use what they know. So we engage with the British public (online) all day, every day, so that we are becoming a house hold name. They visit our site to find out news and read funny stories, so that they get used to visiting us all the time. 

This is the generation that doesn't trust our government or stuffy institutions, they like a more jovial approach. Which is brilliant, because you shouldn't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive!

We then list your business in the directory for them all to see and find. A more modern approach to finding and promoting businesses. Let's face it, people use Facebook and Business directories to find a business, why not combine the two to make a super hero (OK, a super website, but you get the idea).

Each region will be available for investment too, so if you invested in Leicester, you receive 60% of all the revenue it generates, whether you sign them up or not. (But obviously, you would make a lot more money if you actively drove the sales) And the best part is, we'd still do all the admin work and design for you!

What Your Money Pays For

Honestly, we have exhausted our own money on getting this launched with enough businesses to promote the directory.  This is an idea that has been fantastic for the businesses already involved and is great for British business. 

Because we know what works for businesses and for your SEO. It's what we do. 

Check out the rewards and we're looking forward to having you onboard!




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Individuals! We'll add your name to our "Thank You" page as one of the people that had the belief and foresight to back us. And we'll add a link so that when people click your name, they'll get forwarded to the charity of your choice.

£20 or more

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Businesses! We'll add your business name (and web link) to our "Thank You" page as one of the people that had the belief and foresight to back us. With a link to your website (no adult content or immoral websites will be linked too).

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Full Business Listing! You will get our premium business listing, designed to boost your own website. Specifically to gain extra awareness and SEO linking to your business. Our pricing is going to be around £100-200 once launched. So we're giving you the best for believing in us.

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