Bristol: Freeways Hydrotherapy Pool

Bristol: Freeways Hydrotherapy Pool

Our project is to raise funds for Freeways Hydrotherapy pool in Bristol. We are raising money to improve quality of life for the community

We did it!

On 6th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £175 with 4 supporters in 49 days

Our crowdfunding project is to help more disabled people access our life changing hydrotherapy pool by setting a Guinness book of world records for the longest relay of disabled, injured and able-bodied athletes on an aqua bike ( or exercise equivalent for those unable to use the bike). We are raising funds which we will donate to Freeways to develop the hydrotherapy service.


Welcome to Freeways hydrotherapy pool.

Freeways hydrotherapy pool offers a unique opportunity for people to discover freedom of movement in the safety and comfort of experts. 

It has been serving our local community by offering disabled, elderly, able-bodied and injured patients a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic effects of water whilst rehabilitating or maintaining their mobility. 

We have organised some fundraising events to help raise money for the pool and allow more people to access such a wonderful service. Please like our Facebook page for more information on these or follow us on twitter @bristolhydro

WE are hoping to set a Guinness book of world records for the longest relay of disabled, injured and able-bodied athletes on an aqua bike ( or exercise equivalent for those unable to use the bike). This will be held over the weekend of the 28th-30th of October 2016. 

Each person will complete what they are able to with a maximum of 30 minutes at one time due to the pool temperature and the strain this can put on the heart. 

If you would like to volunteer as a participant, carer or volunteer on the day please contact All patients will need to be assessed prior to the event to check suitability for using the pool however, we have a good hoist system to assist even those who need bed transfers.  Please call 01275 376082 and ask for Nicole if you are interested in getting involved.

Our vision

We believe all people deserve to have access to exercise and should benefit from the therapeutic effects of warm water. Many do not realise the effect simply being in water has on the heart, the circulatory system, and your health. 

We believe that people should have the opportunity to manage their pain through gentle exercise and help those who deal with challenges every day discover the unique freedom of water and free movement.

Why should you support us?

I have worked with the team at Freeways hydro pool for 18 months and can see the
difference that they make, every day, to people's lives. 

The staff at Freeways Hydro work there because they love to support and help people overcome their fears. They help people feel confident walking and mobilising whereas on land patient’s may worry they will fall. They help many children with rare conditions develop and reach milestones despite huge challenges and assist those regain quality of life after injury and disease.  

Supporting this project will benefit so many people and help people achieve their goals and dreams. Any one of us may suffer serious head injury, spinal cord injury or stroke in the future and these services are so important to rehabilitate us back to the best possible quality of life.

What should I donate? 

There are many different pledges to the right of the page that will allow you to make a real difference. If you are an individual you may consider sponsoring the people who will be taking part in setting our Guinness book of World records for the longest relay of disabled, injured and able-bodied people on an Aqua bike or come along to support on Saturday 29th October.

Or perhaps you are a patient and would like more access more physiotherapy.  There is a pledge specifically to support this if this is what you would like to see more of.

We appreciate any donation large or small and thank you for your generosity which will ultimately benefit so many.


For businesses, there is a chance to sponsor the event at the end of October to display your banners, logo and perhaps even have a changing room named after you! We are hoping to get local coverage from the radio and online media. The event will also be  marketed through Nicole's extensive networking links across Bristol and nationally through her membership with the entrepreneur's circle and her 11600 twitter followers and 4200 email list which has been developed through Physiowizz. This sort of exposure is something which will be extremely valuable at getting local business' brands out there whilst also support a great cause.

Here is a picture of Nicole talking at an event recently! She is passionate about this project and loves to talk so why not get your businesses on board in this special project...

Do you know a business that might be interested? Please email or call 07972 647473 with their details and we can give them a call and tell them all about this fantastic project.

Please join us and pledge today.

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