Bristol: Building Support through Shelter

Bristol: Building Support through Shelter

To create safe shelters for refugees, without relying on social housing.

We did it!

On 8th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £1,310 of £1,000 target with 45 supporters in 7 days


We are heading to France to build shelters for current stranded refugees that are currently their. They are in camp sand the weather is cold and wet and they are in desperate need for communal shelters where fires can be lit and people can get warm. We will also be supplying rigid insulation for bedding to get people off the wet floor and insulated from the cold. The current funds being raised are to supply what is needed above what we have already been donated. Our first trip will be happening the second week in October. 

UPDATE - We now have enough to complete our shelters and all money now being donated is going to the insulation for beds. Each £3.50 will get one individual up off the cold wet floor, so every penny really does make a difference.


Our agenda:


To create safe shelters for refugees, without using existing social housing as this will no doubt already be allocated. We would like to create temporary shelters using existing empty commercial and residential buildings that are not in use due to their need for refurbishment work.

As a collective of building professionals and able volunteers we are offering to upgrade these buildings using voluntary labour throughout from design, planning, refurbishment and completion. We intend to source building materials through donations and fund raising. We would look to involve other charities and local organisations to help manage the properties after completion. We are already receiving offers of volunteer professionals to help with social care and therapy if this was to go ahead.

Initially our primary focus would be to develop the housing or shelter as a first step towards a relief effort to the current refugee crisis.

Benefits to the property owner:

The authority or persons that own the building will have their property renovated by professionals to Building Control standard at no cost to themselves. They will also be able to contribute to an international relief process and help people in a crisis. Lastly they will also benefit from the positive press around this program, and the partners and contributors will help to show that Bristol and the West Country in conjunction with the property owners, are doing everything that is necessary to do their part in our country’s duty to the relief effort.

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