Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2014

We aim to provide a platform for Palestinian cinema and art in order to illustrate the plurality of the Palestinian experience.

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2014 we successfully raised £1,055 of £1,000 target with 44 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target


Any funds that we receive over our budget are to be used to bring a Palestinian director(s) to the UK and introduce their film to the audience followed by the chance to talk to the director in a Q&A session after the showing.

BristolPFFThe Bristol Palestine Film Festival is an annual community festival held in the South West of England in November and December. It is part of a growing international network of festivals which showcase a range of compelling and thought-provoking films and artistic works by established and emerging artists. The aim of our programme is to focus on the plurality of the Palestinian experience as illustrated through film and other art forms. We aim to provide a platform for Palestinian cinema, art and culture in the South West, whilst featuring works from international directors and artists which bring fresh perspectives on Palestine’s economic, social, political and cultural life.

After three increasingly successful years we want to see Bristol Palestine Film Festival grow even more. With your generosity and support we hope to break the overall audience figure of 1,500. In addition we want to work with Borderlines Film Festival (one of the largest film festivals in the UK) to programme a Palestinian strand as part of their festival in March. This can only be achieved with the support and generosity of crowdfunders.


“I have not felt like this since five days spent at Edinburgh Fringe some years back. A really powerful cultural and politicising event."

“I now feel two conflicting things – the urgency of how the situation needs to change and the resilience, human and warmth of the people in Palestine”

“I was relieved to meet people challenging the stereotypes and using new and unique ways of advocating for Palestine”

"I saw in the film what reading the paper cannot communicate. It feels more personal."


The festival began in 2011 and attracted over 500 people to its events, receiving extensive media coverage, including several interviews on BBC Bristol and inclusion in the Guardian Guide. Over recent years the festival has received the backing of esteemed director Ken Loach, alongside some of the most inspiring leaders from Palestine, including Leila Sansour founder and CEO of Open Bethlehem - an international campaign to save the city and keep it open for the world; Dr Ghada Karmi a leading Palestinian activist, writer and academic who is also co-director of the European Centre of Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter; Honey Thaljieh, striker and captain of the Palestinian National Football team and Palestinian journalist and poet, and many others. The festival takes place in November/December annually and is based at the Watershed, but events take place at various venues across the city depending on funding available. In 2013 over 800 people attended.  Themes for the programme will include: (1) finding a voice: cinematic narrative in conflict societies, (ii) the defining films of a Palestinian cinema: exploring cinematic influences since 1967, and (iii) an exploration of gender and representation in woman’s film making.

The festival is organised through a non-affiliated community group with expertise in film curation, fundraising, programming, Palestinian cinema, community and public engagement. It is a non-profit making organisation. Our annual accounts are available on request.

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