POW Natural Energy Water

The Powerful Water Company believe energy drinks shouldn’t be artificial. Get behind our mission to bring the world GOOD ENERGY.

We did it!

On 9th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £750 with 23 supporters in 42 days

Our Story

Our founder Ed, used to work for one of the worlds largest energy drinks companies. In 2013 he quit. As a dad with two young kids Ed needed energy more than ever but didn't want to fill his body full of junk.  He decided it was time to create something new, something different, something healthy.....he set out to revolutionise the way we see energy drinks.

In 2015, The Powerful Water Company was founded and shortly after POW Natural Energy Water was launched.  

Each bottle of POW Natural Energy Water contains

  • Natural caffeine from guarana to revitalize
  • Ginseng root for sharp thinking 
  • Sparkling water to hydrate
  • Natural sugar from fruits to sweeten.....no artificial nasties 

So far, the journey has been full of plenty of good stuff but as the small guys we face constant challenges. That's where we need your help, we need your support to help us in our mission to bring the world GOOD ENERGY.  

So go on, pledge, tell your friends and get some GOOD ENERGY into your day.

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