Bringing Modesty Back!

Bringing Modesty Back!

I want to encourage women to dress uniquely beautiful and trendy within modesty. Above all, within your budget!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I am a Personal Shopper & Stylist looking to take personal image to a different level. Through social media, i.e. Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, I will be sharing different ways to style yourself, all within modesty. I will invite guest models of all body types to help me illustrate styles and discuss their experiences / challenges dressing themselves or others.

The items presented will also be available to purchase on my website so viewers can purchase to get the look! On the same site viewers will be able to book for my Personal Shopper Services and Wardrobe Detox services. My vision is to creat a market in fashion for modesty. So picture an ASOS, selling ladies fashion items with a combination of the Selfridges's personal shopping service all in one place...