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On 4th October 2019 we successfully raised £1,075 with 45 supporters in 28 days

The aim is to raise funds in order to have a publicity campaign, targeting Worcester City Area, to raise awareness of City's struggle

by Bring City Home in Worcester, England, United Kingdom

City have been homeless since 2012/2013. 

The club have been trying to work with the City Council for around 20 years to secure a site for a new community sports hub, which will also host Worcester City FC fixtures, along with community groups, schools, sports events and alike. 

In 2018, Worcester City Supporters Trust applied for planning permission to develop this sporting hub on an unused piece of land at Perdiswell. The reason for this site is that it is identified as the location for a sporting hub in the South Worcestershire Development Plan. Planning permission was initially rejected, then overturned at appeal but a Government appointed planning inspector. 

In September 2018, this gave City two years to come up with a suitable arrangement with the City Council. Despite the consultation results, which were heavily in favor of bringing City home and the appeal result, Councillors have failed to support City, and have churned out phatic statements such as they 'support' City coming home and Perdiswell 'is not the right place'.

City do not want any money from the Council, nor do they want the land to be handed over. The proposal would be the land is leased to the Trust. Yet Councillors are obstructing this, refusing to engage and making wild claims about the development. 

It is anticipated this approach benefits the local Conservative and Green Party Councillors as the status quo remains politically and backing each other prevents a Labour or Lib Dem gain. Despite the consultation results it's also perceived as a vote winner, although the handful of Cllr Stephens associates who want to protect Perdiswell for dog walking are suspected to be the only real opponents. It is also mooted that the Council have earmarked Perdiswell for housing developments, something which local residents will be delighted with. 

To add to this, the City Council have purchased green belt land for the Hockey Club to build an international standard stadium just a few hundred metres away. They have also guaranteed a £2m loan. This is great for Worcester, even though the site will be massively underused in comparison to City's community hub and the land will arguably be worth less afterwards. The Green Party also support building on this piece of green belt land. 

Not to mention the school, Lidl, Burger King etc that are being developed on the Droitwich Road. 

An independent planning officer considered all environmental, economic, social factors of City's proposal and recommended it. So why won't Worcester City Council, Worcester Conservatives and Worcester Green Party support a community sports hub?

We want to get hundreds of A3/A4 posters printed for people to display in their homes, gardens, places of work, community centres etc. We want billboards around the City telling the Council to Bring City Home. We want businesses to be able to display banners. However all of this comes at a cost. 

Banners come in at around £40 for a small/medium size. The same for a few hundred posters. Stickers come in at £50 per 500. Billboards are hundreds, as is digital signage and sponsorship. 

Pledgers will receive a thank you with their donation- in the form of a car sticker. These are not equal to the value of the donation but are a thank you to those that commit funds to this campaign. We just ask that you only stick them to things that are yours, so it doesn't create a mess, litter etc. 

All donated funds will be detailed on this page, as will any receipts for materials such as banners and services such as printing. This is completely not for profit and no individual will benefit from this campaign.

This is not a campaign run by the football club or supporters trust, however, please contact Inclusion in Sport via lyndon@inclusioninsport.co.uk if you have any questions that are not answered here. 

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