Bring the book to life (ADHD )

Bring the book to life (ADHD )

To raise money for my book to be written and published. It's about living with ADHD and not knowing I had it until I was 37

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi I am Robert Hisee
I am a successful Unconscious Mind Therapist.
I am Dyslexic and found out at the age of 37 that I have ADHD! Living life knowing I was different in the way that I acted, the choices I made and jumping from one thing to another. I grew up in south london BERMONDSEY, I saw my first stabbing at 11 years old, first shooting at 15 and I first stabbed someone when I was 18. I sold drugs, guns, I have robbed offices for computer Simms back in the 90s and I nearly got into armed robberies.
I was no good at anything, but that's just the life I was born into.

How's did I change? How did I cope? How did I end up being the worlds no.1 Anxiety therapist, curing people in just one 3 hour session?

This book will be full of the ups and down of living life with ADHD, raising awareness in ADHD and helping people see that this is what they might have.
Because ADHD can be your end and downfall, but
with the right understanding of the mind it can be your hero, your passion, your success.
Nearly 80% of self made millionaires are dyslexic with ADHD, and when people say we can't focus - bollocks, that's not true. We can't focus in big groups and on stuff that we are not interested in, but if we like what we are learning about then we hyper-focus, like we have autism we cant stop focusing and become obsessed with the subject may it be dance, music, sports or art.
I play golf in single figures, I can play guitar like Eric Clapton / jimmy Hendricks.
I am the UKs no1 unconscious mind therapist.

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Please and help me finish this book and get it published as I will need to pay a writer (editor) to make sense of my bad grammar and spellings and to help get publishing.