Bring our Dad back

Bring our Dad back

 ..... No Dad........Please Help bring our Dad back home to us.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Please Help bring dad home.


Our home was flooded by the storms in 2013 and then our mum left us, dad was very sad.

An ambulance came in the night and took dad too.

We wait and gaurd the stair, the front door and empty chairs.


Humans come and go, make reports and quote to fix things but nothing has happened in ages !

They say we can not have our Dad back.

He needs the house changing for his wheels where his legs used to take him. 


The insurance company will not pay and so we wait....and wait.... in hope one day....

days are months becoming years, still we wait...........


The other day a human said our dad can not keep us, we were filled with dread. NO dad !!!! oh No.

Auntie patted us on the head.


Please help re unite our family.